View Full Version : SV: state religions and bonuses

Fredrik Lundberg
03-12-1998, 02:51 AM
>One of my PBEM players asked me this question (verbatim, excuse the lack
>of corrections):
>" The head of a recognized State religion also gains (BoP p.70) this
>benefit: he "may apply a 2 point modifier to the King's action checks
>(in favor of the priest's preffered result)". Does this mean a theocrat
>like the ruler of Talinie gains an extra whopping +3 bonus to his action
>checks as a King (ie, non-Temple and spell-affairs)? The 'rules' seem to
>logically imply this, but it seems a bit much to me (though it's always
>welcome, of course!)"
>I'm too tired to dig out my rules books and determine what I should say.
>What do you all think?

Just wanted to add one thing. Before were you begin quote it says "...if the priest regent chooses to oppose any actions taken by the king, he may...". This seems to indicate that the "temple-king" would only get the +1 benefit, not +3.

Fredrik Lundberg