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03-11-1998, 02:18 AM

I know that the staffers of this list may be upset by this list, but this is
the **only** time I plan to post this. My applogies in advance...

My name is Greg Maughan, and I'm the webmaster for The Deepest Dungeon. I am
currently working on launching an "online magazine" section of the website,
and I ask for you help. One of the first features to appear will be on
different players favorite campaign worlds, and I would like someone to write
about Birthright. If you can help please e-mail to make me aware of your
interest-or just
send me a story (about 500 words) extolling the virtues of you chosen
adventuring world. Your help would be greatly appreciated...

Greg Maughan(maughangl@aol.com)
The Deepest Dungeon WEBMASTER