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Ed Stark
03-10-1998, 11:40 PM
At 10:31 AM 3/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
>This is a good answer and should probably be in a rulebook somewhere ;-)
>Regarding your suggestion of keeping separate accounts for RP earned and
>"given": Doesn't this raise the ugly possibility that the Baron could
>rescind his/her earlier decree of support for the Count, thereby reclaiming
>the RP?

That was not my intention. Basically, I DON'T want the RP separated for
that very reason. But I thought I'd mention it as an option.

My sense of irony does, however, like this solution. What could be more
ironic than the Baron saying "I support the Count!" and passing off RP
(support) only to have it used against him later on? That happens,
politically, all the time. The only way to "rescind" support is to actively
attack--the Baron could try to force the Count to spend RP to ward off
Contest or Agitate actions (or other, less direct, attacks). But he cannot
simply say "gimme them RP back!" That's why it's very important to be
CERTAIN you want to pass on your support to another power.

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