View Full Version : OCP - Killing in broad daylight

James Ruhland
03-09-1998, 06:55 PM
> On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Simon Graindorge wrote:
> > * Fighting in the streets - many PC's love to wantonly kill innocent
> > in the streets in broad daylight, knowing they can get away with it.
Just replying to this part: having been in campaings like this, and being
the person in "charge" of Law/Government, IMO we should work out a "Zero
Tolerance" for this kind of thing. No one will "get away with it" if I can
help it. I may have to borrow an idea from the CSWE* (Black Adders) to work
it, but murder & mayhem in broad daylight with impunity will not be

*Oh, that's the City State of the World Emperor, the old Judges Guild
product. There were two teams of VERY potent NPC characters, charged by the
Emperor with removing this kind of pestilance. IMO, we'll have, say, 1-2
members of the COS Council "on call", a tough Priest or two, and some
kick-ass fighters, thieves, members of the Heralds, etc. charged with going
out and butchering anyone caught doing this. Plus, citizens will not be of
the "I didn't see anything" variety when it comes to this kind of mayhem:
they will give VERRRRY accurate descriptions of the perpetrators, and no
one will hesitate to use Divination & other magics to locate, identify, and
punish them.
We want a city open for adventure, but not one that will just be an
open-air dongeon where everyone is fair game for the sword.

N.B.: posted this to the BR list as well. IMO, few BR players are of this
variety, but I'd like 'em to know in advance. Plus, they may chime in with
some. . .creative. . .punishments.