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Rasmus Juul Wagner
03-09-1998, 11:40 AM
On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, James Ruhland wrote:

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> > Dual-Classing & exp:
> > Re. Gandalf's post.
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> One more thing about Dual-Classing & Exp; the same argument (the one raised
> in The Dragon. . .er, Dragon, regarding the massacre of the Devils. . .er,
> Baatezu) could be made with regards to Multi-Classed characters who have
> reached their "maximum" level: You mean I can spend the rest of my lifetime
> attempting to hone my craft and gain nothing from it? (and in some cases,
> I.E. Elves, a very long lifetime indeed?)
> Again, for game balance reasons, the answer would be "yes", and various
> logical arguments of more (or usually less) persuasiveness can be advanced
> as to why this is plausable. Again, in exceptional cases a individual DM
> might agree to let a specific character go up a level beyond the maximum,
> just as I argued a DM might give the Dual-Class player a reward for
> exceptional heroism, creativity in the "old" class, or whatever. The goal
> of these rules is to keep it from being a runaway train effect, and have
> everyone become an Elric (master of both Sorcery & Swordcraft).

What about this:

Humans, being the short-sighted "I want it all, right now" bastards that
they are, can be multi-classed but NOT dual-classed. Dandelion-eaters, aka
elves, can dual class, as they are IMO more prone to the "Oh, I've been a
warrior for a hundred years...It's getting boring. I think I'll become a
sculptor or a mage..." line of thought.

Yes, I know it will play havoc with your campaigns.

"Preemptive Retribution"

Rasmus Juul Wagner
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