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03-08-1998, 07:22 PM
>I have recently begun my game in the BR setting, and have been wondering
>a few things... Our characters have become very powerful and influential
in a
>matter of 3 years (game time). There are three players who all play
>Aerenwe, Roesone, and Ilien... They forged an alliance between themselves
>practically rule southern Anuire...
>The mage regent has expanded his domain of Ilien to include three new
>provinces in Aduria... Mieres did what they could to stop them, but the
>regents flexed their muscle... This huge empire is being forged and it
>seems like it is too easy. The money, regency, blood and experience is
>flowing in and it looks like there is going to be no stopping them.
>We use the Players Options rules to their full potential which makes the
>characters a little more powerful, but the NPCs and enemies are beefed-up
>well so that isnt the problem...
>Wars, awnsheghlin, corruption, blood challenges, natural disasters, even a
>visit from The Wizard while the characters were low-level... It just seems
>too easy.
>I would like to hear how everyone else's campaigns are going just so I can
>compare... Province/Holding levels, blood strength of the PCs, magical
>owned, etc.

Well, I´ll tell you something about our game. There is a Wizard (myself) who
is trying to make a new realm, and for this purpose he need more source, so
he has decided to get the unclaimed from Brosenghae. There is the third son
of a cavalier from the Witchhaven dinasty who wants the Rulership over
Eindel (a fictional realm) for himself, the third PC is a Priest of Haelyn
who Rules the land, and the fourth is instigating a war against Brosenghae
because he is the regent of the guilds.
I don´t know how your players feel, but BR is one of the few campaigns who
aren´t straightforward, you can intrigue, move armies, rule the land, etc.
If I were you I would stress Role Playing his underlings so the get more
involved in politics, and maybe that alliance can be tempted, put NPC who
can help one or another PC to gain control of all (well at least it looks
Actually my Mage has few regency points, and has only a dagger +1, but the
feeling to say a peasent or a soldier that I´m Dietrick Galen, Court Mage
and Master of The Red Guild overpass the feeling of weakness (lvl 3) and the
lack of Magic Objects.