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James Ray
03-07-1998, 12:19 PM
To buttress Mr Ruhlands opinion (although it stands very well on its own
merits), the purpose of the "Dual-Classed" rules is to RESTRICT the actions
of characters. Once a character's player has expressed a desire to forego
advancement in his/her current class in favor of his NEW class, he gains NO
MORE exp for revelling in his level of achievement IN that previous class.
Of course, the Mage in the previously cited example gains no exp for
slaying all those defenseless Devils - he has already made a decision to
learn to use the art of physical combat in preference to the art of spell
craft, and reverting to the old ways hamper, even preclude, his advancement
in the NEW ones. While (especially in the example given) it may be
advantageous to "backslide", he should not be allowed to profit from his
lack of devotion to hiw NEW class in preference to his old - if he is SO
reliant upon the skills of his previous classd, perhaps he should not have
relinquished his command of them, in favor of chasing after imagined
benefits of a NEW class.

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> > Dual-Classing & exp:
> > Re. Gandalf's post.
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> One more thing about Dual-Classing & Exp; the same argument (the one
> in The Dragon. . .er, Dragon, regarding the massacre of the Devils. .
> Baatezu) could be made with regards to Multi-Classed characters who have
> reached their "maximum" level: You mean I can spend the rest of my
> attempting to hone my craft and gain nothing from it? (and in some cases,
> I.E. Elves, a very long lifetime indeed?)
> Again, for game balance reasons, the answer would be "yes", and various
> logical arguments of more (or usually less) persuasiveness can be
> as to why this is plausable. Again, in exceptional cases a individual DM
> might agree to let a specific character go up a level beyond the maximum,
> just as I argued a DM might give the Dual-Class player a reward for
> exceptional heroism, creativity in the "old" class, or whatever. The goal
> of these rules is to keep it from being a runaway train effect, and have
> everyone become an Elric (master of both Sorcery & Swordcraft).