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Taras Guarhoth
03-07-1998, 05:31 AM
- ---Jim Cooper wrote:
> I guess we SC members should ask the listmembers if they would like us
> to take a structured 'adventure' approach to making the city, or if
> would like us to approach it like the RPGA The Living City (TM) way,
> where we just detail random interesting bits of the city and
> them to the respective section? Or do it both ways.

Please, don't do the RPGA Living City version. It'll become an
incoherent mess of ideas, and have way too many overpowered individuals.

Taras Guarhoth

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03-07-1998, 04:13 PM
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I definitely feel the OCP should be more of an adventure RESOURCE than a
structured adventure or series of adventures. (In fact, I think we already
voted on this, didn't we?) I really like the way King of the Giantdowns was
laid out, for an example --- all the details of the realm and characters
inhabiting it are presented, and plenty of adventure hooks are generated
simply by doing this. Then a few more formal adventure hooks are presented,
but with the detail left for the DM to fill in. Lots of room for expansion and
creativity there. Finally, we may want to consider generating one fleshed
out adventure scenario after the city has been completely designed, as a way
of introducing DMs and players to the city. Just my two farthings.

Kevin M.