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Jim Cooper
03-07-1998, 04:39 AM
James Ruhland wrote:
>> <
>> IMO, this is prolly best the best way to create a city open to Adventure;
>> if we have one where Laws are fairly well enforced, order is kept, crime
>> and faction politics are kept to a minimum of distructiveness, the
>> oportunity to be heroic (or villanous) is lessened.
>> Hmmmmn. . .brings to mind a campaign idea already, with players (perhaps
>> some Imperial Heralds) working for the C., trying to get information &tc
which will help him keep things under control (or at least keep chaos to
minimum. . .)
I.E. the kind of environment we want to create isn't "the Ideal City",
the ideal city to adventure in (IMO, the island "mayoralities" Mark
described go a long way towards establishing this. . .reminds me a lot
city politics in, say, Boston or Chicago in the early part of this

Right, I think this is a good way of approaching the OCP. IMO, we
should set up the city as a big place to explore - a place in a campaign
where PCs can go to, but are never native to the city. This way the
city would be a mystery to PCs as first step off the planks of a ship
onto the docks of the greatest city in the world. Each section would
take a 'section' of their areas (like, for instance, the Royal Guard),
and take submissions that would give a very detailed look at this body
and suggest adventure hooks upon which to build a campaign within the

I guess we SC members should ask the listmembers if they would like us
to take a structured 'adventure' approach to making the city, or if they
would like us to approach it like the RPGA The Living City (TM) way,
where we just detail random interesting bits of the city and contribute
them to the respective section? Or do it both ways.

Listers, any suggestions?

Darren (Magic SC member)