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Brandon Quina
03-06-1998, 02:25 PM
> Proposed new Realm action "Narrow Ruling"

Lets have a look-see.

> I have decided to get two actions for the price of one :)
> I have two provinces; One has too much population and the
> other too little. I want to transfer population from one
> Specific province to another Specific province. That should
> be easier than wondering where those new faces are going to
> come from.

Hmmm. Thats pretty intresting . Sort of like 'population

I can see it being useful from a roleplaying and strategic way.
It reminds me of a random event, though. One of the players was
playing Roesone, and the random event was that the people from
his top three provinces-- Ghoried, Fairfield, and Bellam --moved
due to problems with Ghoere and 'fear of invasion'. All three of
those provinces went down one level, and Caercas went up to level 5.
combined with lots of overcrowding, increase in crime, and such forth.
Ie. this was a bad thing.

Marlae decided to strengthen her protection of the northern
provinces. So she ruled up her law holdings there, and moved
some more armys there-- even mustering a new force of infantry.

The people moved back to their respective homes. But anyways, you
get the idea

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