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Don E
04-29-2004, 12:58 PM
So as not to appear as just another one who only complains and never contributes, here is an old writeup I made for Aelies. It was made for yet another PBeM that never got further than the starting stage, but I can't remember the name of it. Note that both history and equipment might not conform to the 'established BR canon', but I hope at least some of you might find a grain of inspiration in it.

My appologies if the text is rife with typos, I haven't had a look at it for a very long time. If I ever get the time, i might converet the stats for him to 3.5e.


Don E
04-29-2004, 01:00 PM

High Mage Aelies have been known as one of most powerful wizards in Anuire and the protector of the Erebannien for countless years now, but it has not always been so. Once known as Aelies Khaerien (at least that’s what he thinks, even his memories can get somewhat clouded after more than five centuries), he was the only son of a elven enchantress from and Harald Khaerien, the captain of the Erebannien Rangers at that time. While a joyous union, it was not destined to last. Before Aelies had seen five winters both of his parents had been slain by a terrible evil that plagues the forest at that time. Only the sacrifice of many brilliant wizards and brave warriors managed to stop the ravages and imprison the evil force that had caused so much damage.

The care of Aelies then passed along many hands before he ended up as the student of the then High Mage and Chief Warden of the Erebannien, the elven wizardess Siobhanewla. She had watched Aelies from afar, suspecting his potential for magic from the union of his two remarkable parents. When this potential showed true, she offered to adopt him and take him on as her first apprentice in nearly two hundred years. While Aelies guardians at the time had grown very fond of him, nobody said no to the high Warden’s request. Thus Aelies was brought to the Hearth of the Erebannien, a place of powerful magic and the residence and seat of the High Mage.

Under her tutelage Aelies quickly grew in both power and knowledge. His startling ascendance to power came from a combination of a brilliant mind to guide him, an incredible talent for the complexities of the arcane arts, and a almost maddening drive to seek whatever knowledge available so he could prevent what had taken his parents away from him to ever happen again. By the end of his younger years he was already considered one of the best wizards in the Erebannien, something that in the end had to cause jealousy and enmity from some factions in the realm.

His ascendance to the title as High Mage of Erebannien came quite sudden, consider the usual pace of elven dealings and event. While researching ways to counter yet a growing threat in Erebannien, Siobhanewla discovered information and links that could be traced to the lost lands in Aduria. Traveling there only with her two bodyguards, both of significant power of both body and mind, she sought out the information she though necessary to vanquish this new threat to her lands. Contact with her was quickly lost, and time passed without anybody becoming any wiser.

At this stage Aelies saw history repeating itself, and not wanting more evil to happen urged for immediate action against the new malevolent forces. The council of the Wardens were split on the issue, and in the end they decided that no action should be taken until the High Mage came back or was known to be dead. Still young and rash Aelies did not find the councils decision to his liking, and with some of his most trusted friends stroke out against the veil force. In the ensuing battle Aelies managed to defeat hos opponent, but at the cost of all his allies fighting with him in the battle and damage to the Erebannien’s natural balance and magic forces that would take centuries of careful management to repair.

Not long after, Shiobhanewla’s life-tree was found dying, indicating she had passed away from this world. When the new High Mage and Chief Warden was to be elected, many thought Aelies would be the natural choice. Perhaps he was, but by now he had gathered to many enemies do to his past and his rash actions causing such immense damage to their precious forest prevented the council from declaring him Chief Warden. The ensuing fight was long and bitter, leaving the Erebannien forever after divided. In the end Aelies got the title as High Mage more or less by default, as there were nobody willing to challenge him for the title, but the position as Chief Warden of the Erebannien was handed to another elf, separating the two positions for the first time in recorded history.

While not bitter, Aelies withdrew in the Heart to continue his studies of the arcane arts. Now the master of this formidable site, he had the resources and time to further increase his power. While not a fortress in the normal sense, the Hearth of the Erebannien is a location that grants its holder considerable power. Located to the far east in the forest, it is situated in highly warded location. The area itself is known as Eastmarch, but is a place not known of for most people. Through the passing of time and the heavily deceptive magic interlacing the surrounding area only the residing High Mage and who he choose to actually knows the exact location. It is said that is was once a part of the Erebannien as any other and it could be found on the maps, such is not the case anymore.

The hearth of the old citadel is centered around the enigmatic artifact known as the Lifestone. Most who have seen and studied it agree it is an item of great power, but little is know of its effects. The only effects that are known nobody can reliably control. The first and most important from a High Mage’s perspective is the stones warding effect on the surrounding lands. It is the stone itself that draw power from the mebhaighl flow and create the wards and deceptions that lets its site lie undetected. The second power, even more enigmatic considering all previous High Mages have been elves, is that it grants it s owner unnaturally long life. This was discovered by Aelies, and has allowed him to life for more than half a millennium. More than this is not known of the stone’s powers, but it is thought it was placed there not long after the first humans arrived on these shores of Anuire, probably in an early attempt to protect the forest from the encroachment of the human settlers.

Since Aelies came to power he has distanced himself more and more from the mundane world. Content to further his of arcane studies he is content to see realms rise and fall in the outside world without his interference. The only times him takes action is when he feels his power of the Erebannien itself is threatened. Of most prominence here is his ongoing struggle with the Counts of Ilien over the magical sources in Erebannien. For as long as Aelies has been the High Mage the Aglondier wizards have attempted to gain more and more of the power within his realm. Especially bad was the years just following Lehoene Aglondier’s proclamation of Ilien’s independence from Diemed in 1278. With Diemed unable to mount much of a challenge to this, and with no more obligations to a liege lord, all the resources of the city state is thrown into an attempt to wrest the forest’s powers from the High Mage. Only Aelies knowledge from more than a century of the same struggle and a much closer bond to the forest enables him to ensure the Ilienese wizard doesn’t come out victorious. Thanks to a dramatic increase in piracy in the strait and some devastating city fires, of course blamed on Aeleies, the attention of the Countess is diverted from the sources in the Erebannien to more domestic matters. In the following century Aelies showed the advantage of a long life, and simply out waited the Counts of Ilien. Each time one passed away or another sign of weakness showed , Aelies would be there to chip away a little of the power the held. While the battle has raged back and forth with varying intensity over the proceeding centuries, Aelies now has the upper hand and controls most of the magic sources in the Erebannien and in Roesone as well.

Another area of interest of Aelies is the collection of old elven artifacts. While he is not in possession of many items of great power, the Heart holds many bizarre and interesting items and trinkets of ancient design. Of late he has set his eyes on the island of Caelcorwynn, guessing that the deserted island has a great potential of holding some interesting stores of ancient elven origin. He had originally planned for a journey some years ago, but the growing unrest on the south coast with the war between Diemed and Medoere, and the events at Moonstrike keep, has caused him to stay at home to monitor the situation. While nothing of great importance to the Erebannien’s inhabitants have happened, he is afraid Aglondier will again will use these trouble times to again try gain some power that belongs to the High Mage only.

His current relations with the mundane realms surrounding his forest is of a very limited nature. During the civil war in Aerewne he was content to sit back and see who came out victorious. When it became that the Swordwraith’s would be the new rulers of the old duchy, he simply approached them and stated his intents; that Erebannien would be free of any increased level of settlement. As long as the governing person in Calrie abides by this, Aelies is happy to see them do whatever they want. The only other interaction he has had of the Aerenwan ruler is to make sure they don’t recognize the neutrality of Aelies’ archenemy Ilien. The barons of Roesone he cares little. His sources in that realm are of minor importance to what he controls in the Erebannien.

The only characters of real importance in Aelies’ life is his apprentice and his trust bodyguards. The elven wizard Thuoalievhe has been with the High Mage for the last 15 years, and is showing great promise in the workings of the arcane arts. Some people have come to think of him as a likely candidate as the next High Mage of the Erebannien, but if Aelies gets it the way he wishes, he will be around for a few more centuries. There are a few mysteries left to be solved before he can depart…
His bodyguards are two old veteran rangers from the Erebannien elves. Arlane Mordeliene is a half-elf of mixed Aerenwan and elven heritage. He was born in the Erebannien about 40 winters ago, and has wandered in the woods since. He met Aelies while fighting an incursion from the shadow world in the province of Banien’s Deep almost 20 years ago. Arlane came away from the fight with a few more scars than he would have preferred, but thanks to Aelies’ magic he could walk away from the encounter to tell about it.
The elf Ranger only known as Mordel has been around with Aelies for a bit longer. He joined up with Aelies on one of his ventures into the Adurian wilderness. At that time Mordel was a rash young man proud of his own prowess. Aelies saw very much of his own youth in the young elf, and took him under his wing. Mordel has grown both calmer and wiser over the years

Don E
04-29-2004, 01:06 PM

Eye of the High Mage:
This ancient object is one that has passed on from one High Mage to the next for all of recorded history, and is their post potent weapon in the fight to protect the Erebannien from the encroachment of outside influence. In a room deep within the Hearth of the Erebannien as cols stone room holds a silver white pond 4 paces across in its middle. This pond acts as a Crystall ball of true seeing, enabling the High Mage to keep informed of what happens within his realm. While a useful artifact, the Eye has a major drawback in its stationary nature forcing the High Mage to stay in his citadel if he want to use its powers. The Eye can only scry in provinces where the High Mage has a source holding.

Guide of the Forest’s Ways:
This small talisman looks like a piece of gnarled old oak on a string of leather of unknown type. The piece of wood is thought to be taken from the oldest tree ever to have lived on Cerilia, and then enchanted by some long lost ritual of the old elven civilizations. The type of leather in the string cannot be determined, but it quickly becomes clear that it cannot be broken by any mundane means.
The talisman works similarly to a Phylactery of Faithfulness, but instead of guiding the wearer according to his alignment it guides her away from actions that might damage the magic forces of the forest and the natures balance. It will only work for an elf or someone with elven blood in their veins.
It is thought that these talismans were more common in the ancient times, but that many were lost or destroyed as their bearers weren’t interested in a constant reminder they weren’t doing good deeds. Aelies was given this talisman after his mother dies, having been in her possession for the previous two centuries. It was rumored she was given it as a gift from an elven prince of the eastern lands enamored with her.

This staff is one of Aelies most treasured possessions. Not for its immense power, but for its history with the wizard himself. Almost two centuries ago Aelies created Caelomir as a staff of power for use when he traveled in the wilderness on the northern coast of Aduria in search for some old manuscripts that was traced to a lost monastery there. In the following century the staff came to good use, and in several cases were what spelled the difference between victory and defeat for the High Mage.
By now the staff’s charges are all used, and it is little more than a quarterstaff +2 of great sentimental value to an old an enigmatic wizard. The staff looks like an old oaken staff, worn smooth with use. At the top of the staff a large brightly green emerald is set. It used to glow brightly, but now a slightly glow can only be seen if it is completely dark.
If Aelies ever is to try make a new staff of power, he will most likely attempt to make it of the Caelomir again.

Garb of the Erebannien:
This complete set of neutral gray clothes (boots, trousers, shirt and cloak) is an old set of ranger’s garb used by many generations of warriors in the service of protecting the Erebannien.
The garb grants the wearer the effects of both boots of elvenkind and a cloak of elvenkind. In addition the garb is so attuned to the nature in the Erebannien that while the wearer is within the borders of that forest the garb grants the same effect as a ring of sustenance and a cloak of resistance +2.

Raesene Andu
04-29-2004, 01:27 PM
The story of Alies' life is told in the noval "The Shadow Stone", although the novel setting was moved to the Forgotten Realms and the names changed.

By the way, does anyone remember ever seeing a full write-up for Aeron Morieth. I'm pretty sure there was one, but I've never been able to find it again. His level is given in the FRCS as Wiz13/Sha3... but I remember seeing the rest of his stats somewhere.

I'd look on the WotC site, but trying to look for anything there is quite a trial when you're using a dial-up account.

Don E
04-29-2004, 05:11 PM
I heard that "The Shadow Stone" was telling the story about Aelies, but I have so far not been able to get hold of it. The last time I asked at my local store they said it was out of print. I'd love to get hold of it, but doubt I would ever get around to actually writing a new story for Aelies.

I checked the WotC site, but all I could find regarding Aeron Morleth (I assume this is the name Aelies went by in the book?!?) was a painting of him. The link is:
http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/FR_ART/P...eronMorleth.jpg (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/FR_ART/People/AeronMorleth.jpg)


04-29-2004, 09:40 PM

Whwere do you live? I might be able to find a withdrawn copy from the local library.</P>

I live in Canada.


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> The last time I asked at my local store they said it was out of
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> I checked the WotC site, but all I could find regarding Aeron
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