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11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
OK, for the poll.....

Name: John Rickards

Age: 20

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: White

RPing for: Far too long, all things considered. (6-8 years. Can't

Occupation: Student (Environmental Engineering) and budding writer.
Games: Birthright (using my own system - nicknamed Afterbirth by a
mate of mine), GURPS, CP2020, Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, Conspiracy X,
Dark Conspiracy, Deadlands, Cthulhu, Paranoia, MERP, Rolemaster,
TWERPS, Weresheep.

"Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then
the wolves came. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a
different universe."
"And now you kill the lambs," whispered Dardalion.
"No, priest. No one pays for lambs."
- David Gemmel, Waylander

HCD or Spud
01-16-1998, 02:13 AM
Name: Craig Callen Age: 24
Occupation: student (PE/Health/history) Role-playing: 5 years
Birthplace: Moscow, Idaho Currently: Murray, Ky
Member of List: 14 months
Favorite Realm: BirthRight (of course)

Ludovic LIEVRE
01-16-1998, 09:11 AM
Name : Ludovic LIEVRE
Occupation : PhD Thesis student in Computer Science
Age : 23
Currently living in Toulouse (France)
Roleplaying : 8 years
Favorite games : AD&D Birthright, Greyhawk. Star Wars. Guildes (a french
Rpg). TORG.
Favorit AD&D class : Paladin
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01-16-1998, 12:53 PM
Seems like everyone is now telling something about them self, so why not join
and flood the list as everyone else ;)

Name: Janne Olavi Aho
Age: 26 on 30th Jan
Sex: male
Nationality: Finn
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Known Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
Occupation: Computer Science Student
RPG exp: approx 10 years

DMing: AD&D, both BR and FR
Playing: StarWars, Mutant, Mutant Cronicles, Kult, Drakar och Demoner (a swe
RuneQuest clone), Shadowrun

Fav. Race: Half-Elves
Fav. Class: Fighter/Mage

Other interests: CallandorIV (a "Wheel of Time" MUD), PulsarNet (IMO the best
IRC net), Finnish/Finnic history, Fantasy novels/series, SF-Telly series,
Military, my two cats (Nilla and Sisko)

Hates: long qoutes, html-mail, Microsoft and some other stuff

If you happen to want to know more or has some questions, then e-mail me.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE


01-17-1998, 03:48 AM
Information about what BR I have played, as requested:
I am currently running "King of the Giantdowns" with 5 PCs, 3 of them
blooded. We're not very far along (2 sessions), but I have a 4-year (game
year, that is) outline, by the end of which one or more of them ought to end
up a regent.
Our group started with the Talinie sourcebook and a different DM, with my
PC as a paladin, and he ended up as the heir-designate, after the introductory
adventure in the "Runis of Empire." I ran a short game after that with one
carry-over PC: the pursuit of the fleeing prelate. Interestingly, 2 of the 5
PCs (not the players) developed a mutual dislike, and we had to end the game.
One of those PCs is currently in the GD game.
I then experimented with PBEM-regent game around the Rohrmarch civil war
(5 regents), but that collapsed. One of those PCs carried over into a RP
adventure (actually, she was kidnapped) that began in a dungeon under the
Vampire's Hold ("Scourge of the Slavelords" run inside-out- also 5 PCs).
Hmm. I guess 5 PCs is a magic number, even though each game had (some)
different players.


Alan B. Barton
01-17-1998, 05:32 PM
Name: Alan Barton (StylusNix)
Age: 27 RP Experience: 17yrs
Sex: Male Location: Buena Park, California USA
Race: Caucasian
Intrests: RolePlaying Games(AD&D, Shadowrun), Minitures (Warhamer
Fantasy, Battlesystem), Computer Games (CIV II), my Fiancee, her kids.

lefty1@ldd.net (Jonathan
01-18-1998, 01:30 AM
My channel is looking for some rp ops. If you are interested, go on irc to
chatnet, then go to #SilverBlade_Inn .

SBI owner

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> Name: Mathew Howell (Dipree)
> Age: 17 RP Experience: 3yrs
> Sex: Male Location: Auckland, New Zealand
> Race: Caucasian
> Intrests: RolePlaying Games, Computer Games, Fencing, Ten Pin Bowling
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Mathew Howell
01-18-1998, 11:22 PM
Name: Mathew Howell (Dipree)
Age: 17 RP Experience: 3yrs
Sex: Male Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Race: Caucasian
Intrests: RolePlaying Games, Computer Games, Fencing, Ten Pin Bowling