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11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
Real Name: Joao Clark Joslin Galindo de Medeiros
Age: 18 -14 days Role playing exp: 7yrs
Sex: Male Current Location: Recife, Pernambuca, Brazil
Skin: White
Previous Locations:Brasilia, Brazil; New York; Nairobi, Kenya; Manila,
Interests:AD&D, Birthright, M:tG, Computer Games...

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01-15-1998, 10:23 AM
Thanks again for the responses to my poll, so far however there
have only been 7 in total, so I just want to encourage
the other subscribers reading this to take part. This is
a group forum afterall, so I for one feel we should at least
have some idea who our fellow subscribers are.

Also - those of you who have any other questions concerning
this poll, please e-mail me at dpp@futurest.co.za

I would appreciate any and all controbutions, including
your oppinions on the poll itself.

Glenn Tungay.

01-15-1998, 11:18 AM
Name: Manfred Voelk
Age: 25 Role playing exp: 7yr
DMing: 7 yr
Sex: Male Location: Germany, Kaufering (Bavaria).

Interests: D&D, Sons of the Light, DragonDice, Prachett, Music and above
all Graphics&Maths

You need warcards?
Have a look at http://www.student.uni-augsburg.de/~voelkman/warcard.html
E-Mail: Manfred.Voelk@student.uni-augsburg.de

Harri Kemppainen
01-15-1998, 02:26 PM
Age: 31 Role playing exp: 10+ years
Sex: Male Location: Finland, Tampere
Skin: White

Games player or GMed: D&D, AD&D, MERP, Twilight, Star Wars, Warhammer
FRPG, Boothill, Paranoia, Aliens, Cyberpunk 2020, Rune Quest, Ars Magica,
Call of Cthulhtu, GURPS (Cpunk/fantasy), Conspiracy X, Milleniums End,
Hong Kong Action Theatre, Judge Dredd

Favourite games: Star Wars, Hong Kong Action Theatre, Warhammer FRPG, Call
of Cthulhtu

Favourite World: Harn

- ---
Harri Kemppainen cshake@kastanja.uta.fi
Java-programmer Attila B288b
Information Studies, University of Tampere +358 3 215 7632

nick yates
01-15-1998, 02:35 PM
Okay here's my details:

Name: Nick Yates Nationality: British
Age: 20 Sex: Male
Skin: White Roleplaying experience: 8 years

Games played: Paranoia, AD&D (Birthright, Dragonlance, Dark Sun), Star
Wars, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, SAGA (Dragonlance 5th Age)

What got me started was a friend buying a copy of Star Wars TRPG and then
persuading four of us to try it, we've now been playing for 8 years, then
three years ago we started AD&D and Cthulhu. Unfortunately I'm being
starved of roleplay at the moment as I'm studying here in france. Er thats
all you must have read enough by now.


Neil Barnes
01-15-1998, 05:40 PM
On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, dpp wrote:

> I wish to take the liberty, out of interests sake, to do a
> *census* of sorts on the Subscribers to BR.

Well, everyone else is doing it, so...

Neil Barnes
Age: 22
Years playing: 11
Born: London, UK - now alternate between Bristol & London

Games Played or Owned: AD&D, Shadowrun, WHFRP, MSH, DC Heroes, VtM,
WWtA, MtA, WtO, Changeling: the Whatever, Amber, SLA Industries, Call of
Cthulhu, Castle Falkenstein, Ars Magica, Mechwarrior & Battletech, Aria,
and a couple of homebrew systems. I've probably missed a few games too.
AD&D is probably my favourite game with Amber & Ars Magica coming in
next, and VtM, MtA, WWtA, CoC & Castle Falkenstein coming in next.

Other Interests: Music (Big Beat, Drum&Bass, Indie), Comics (Invisibles,
Preacher, JLA, LSH and loads more), Anime & Manga.

I'm on the final year of my degree course in Zoology.

Owt else?