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Jim Butler
11-28-1997, 09:07 PM
Eric Tighe wrote:
> >I was reading on the Sierra bulletin board last night that some excellent
> >changes for the BR game are in store. These changes will should allow DM's
> >to run their campaign from the game. ie They can control multiple regents,
> >have other players control their own characters and have the computer
> >maintain GB's, RP's etc.
> >
> >My understanding is that these changes are completed, but has anyone heard
> >of a release date for them?
> >
> >Justin
> >
> If this is true I might humble myself before the programers feet. : - P
> Gorwen

The changes you've heard about are true. As I understand it, the BR Deluxe
game will have these extras included in them and will ship in the first
quarter of 1998.

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