View Full Version : Province levels and Ruling

11-26-1997, 09:42 AM
One sticking point for me with the domain rules is the fact that every
province is equal. There's no reason why the City of Anuire can't be high in
the Stonecrowns. Or why there shouldn't be as many elves and dwarves as
humans in the plains.
I've been pondering rule penalties based on terrain (and race). Then again,
while I'm at it, might start throwing in resources, weather effects, and make
this more complicated than a game of Advanced Civilization..

somebody mentioned in a separate post about having underground provinces
influence/be assimilated by aboveground provinces. Nowhere does it say what
the requirement for a province is. the only rule i use is, if the people
think they belong in one province. if orogs live deep beneath the surface,
they obviously consider themselves a separate province. meanwhile, the city
of anuire is (random guess) 1/100th the size of its neighboring provinces.
conceivably, a province could split itself in two or merge with another. i
think this process would take more than one generation, but i'm sure some
elves are really confused by human politics. "Ghoere? Never heard of it,
perhaps one of those trading guilds, can't keep track of the vermin.."

- -joshua