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The Cerilian Times
Issue 36 (Autumn/575 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
Archive Site: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/8501/

Erntenir - Emmanir 575 MR


Boeruine attacks Tuornen: Boeruine and several allies have launched a lar=
invasion of Tuornen. Forces from Talinie, Alamie, Boeruine, and the
Boeruine People's Guild have crossed the border into the Tuornen province
of Monsedge. The small force of the Avanil northern army was quickly
defeated and Boeruine gained control of Ghonallision and Monsedge provinc=
soon after the invasion. Rhobher Nichalier of the Western Imperial Temple=
and general of the Northern Army quickly gathered his forces though, and
moved to defeat the Tuornen capital of Haesrien from the invading armies.
The combined Boeruine troops failed in their attempt to capture Haesrien,
thanks mainly to the efforts of the Knights of Haelyn, who were able to
hold off the Boeruine troops long enough for reinforcements to arrive fro=
the eastern provinces of Tuornen. Despite their efforts however the Avani=
and Tuornen armies did take considerable casualties before Boeruine
withdrew back to Monsedge province.
Alamie then decided to send its soldiers into Haesrien, and Duke Alam
personally led a large army to attack Haes city. His invasion began
successfully crushing the few Avanil soldiers left in the city, but he di=
not count of a large number of Avanil soldiers being sent from the south =
reinforce the city. The troops still remaining inside the city were able =
hold off the Alamie invaders long enough for the reinforcement to arrive.
Alamie has now withdrawn its surviving soldiers back over the border, aft=
taking some losses at the hands of Avanil.
The WIT Knight's of Haelyn have now been moved into the mountains of
Pechalinn where the temple maintains a fortified monastery. A large numbe=
of soldiers are now gathered around this fortress.
Late in the month of Emmanir Avanil sent its troops from Haesrien to atta=
the Boeruine soldiers in Monsedge, but with the assistance of its allies,
especially Talinie's Royal Paladin this force was driven back and at the
end of Emmanir the survivors returned to Haesrien to await the arrival of
Prince Avan and the Southern Army which left Anuire province several week=
We have also received word of an attempted sea born invasion of Boeruine =
the combined Taeghas and Western Avanil armies. This was prevented howeve=
after the Boeruine People's Guild placed its fleet of galleons under the
control of Boeruine's admirals. Things did not go all the way of Boeruine
in this however after Count Harold Khorien summoned up a storm which rage=
over the Boeruine vessels, sinking several and allowing the remaining
Avanil ships to flee south to their base in Taeghas.

Aerenwe Invades Osoerde: An alliance of nations headed by Aerenwe has
invaded the duchy of Osoerde. Early in the month of Erntenir Aerenwe troo=
began their invasion by crossing the border into the provinces of Algael
and Spiritsend. At much the same time the troops of the Anuire Freedom
Alliance crossed into the Osoerde province of Moergen, the duchy's troops
in the province withdrawing to the capital.
Aerenwe was unopposed in Algael and has now captured the small Algael
castle and fortified it with their own soldiers. In Spiritsend however a
large force of soldiers belonging to the Church of Storm's Height landed
and attacked the Aerenwe invades with the support of a small number of
Osoerde troops. The Aerenwe invaders in the province were defeated and th=
few survivors fleeing to the Aerenwe controlled province of Algael. The C=
has also taken casualties, but the special temple guards, known as the
Storm Trooper survived and were instrumental in the defeat of Aerenwe.
The main force of Osoerde's army in the mean time attacked the AFA invadi=
troops and with the support of the Swamp Mage defeated the invading armie=
driving them back into Coeranys. Osoerde however took heavy casualties in
this battle and was unable to pursue and crush the Coeranys armies who ar=
waiting just over the border. Only about five hundred AFA troops remain o=
of the large force that invaded, however many prisoners have been taken b=
the Osoerde army, which still remains in the province of Moergen.
Aerenwe in the mean time had sent a second army from Algael into
Spiritsend, leaving a few soldiers behind to retain control of Algael's
fortress. This army easily defeated the small remaining numbers of the CS=
and Osoerde soldiers, but they did not count on the arrival of a large
force of Ghoere troops, led by Baron Tael himself. The Baron, back by his
Iron Guard and the Sword Mage drove off the invading Aerenwe soldiers,
taking only minor casualties during the battle. The Aerenwe armies have n=
withdrawn back to their own lands, although a small force still holds the
castle in Algael province. The latest word from our agents is that Aerenw=
is planning another invasion, using soldiers kept back from the initial
battles. The Ghoere army remains in Spiritsend, although for how long is
unknown as recent communications between Ghoere and Diemed may mean a
withdrawal of these soldiers to fight in the war between Medoere and

Brosengae defeated in Taeghas: A force of soldiers from Brosengae were
recently sent in Brosen province in Taeghas. These soldiers were met by t=
armies of Taeghas, and the Western Avanil army. The combined forces of
these two armies quickly crush the invaders, although some casualties wer=
taken. The Brosengae forces then fled to save their lives, despite their
officers attempting to prevent any retreat. The armies of Brosengae howev=
were shocked to find that their way home had been blocked as the border h=
been warded against entry by a Mhistecai, the mage of Mieres who had been
paid by the Duchess of Brosengae. Reports from the southern border of
Avanil also speak of a similar situation with the Southern Avanil army
unable to break through the warding into Brosengae.
Later a small fleet of Brosengae vessels attempted to attack the Avanil
fleet, but were quickly defeated and force to retreat to the Binder
harbour. Avanil's fleet is now deployed in the waters south of Anuire
province to prevent any further movement of Brosengae's ships toward Avan=
or the Imperial City. It is believed however that several merchant vessel
flying different flags have been able to slip through the net and continu=
trade with the Imperial city of other cities.

The Diemed/Medoere War Continues: The war between Diemed and Medoere, whi=
has now been going on for nearly a year continued this season. Medoere wh=
over summer captured the Diemed provinces of Moere and Tier was forced fr=
the captured lands this month by an alliance of nation including Diemed,
Mieres, Endier, and Ghoere. Also supplying troops and money where the
Militant Order of Cuiraecen, and the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn. Combined
these nations proved too strong for the current Medoere army, weakened as
it was by nearly a year of constant warfare and Diemed has finally regain=
their lost provinces.
The war may have continued on into Medoere later in Sehnir had it not bee=
for the intervention of Roesone, who sent its entire army to bolster the
defence of Medoere's two western provinces. Long time allies this is the
first time that Roesone has become involved in this war, although moral
support has been provided. Some in Roesone however are questioning their
armies involvement, pointing to the fact that the head of the Impregnable
Heart of Haelyn has been backing Diemed yet Roesone continues to back
Medoere, a nation ruled by a megalomaniac. Baron Kawn however has continu=
to back his friend and ally, Lenviath da Enlien, even though in recent
months his other allies have deserted him. The Dwarven Realm of the Iron
Hills left Kawn's alliance after its leader King Devlyn Finn ordered an
invasion of Medoere, surprisingly using only his human troops, and leavin=
his more skilled Dwarven soldiers to guard his kingdom. Also Osoerde has
left the alliance when it began backing Ghoere, leaving only Medoere.

Reports of Fighting in Khinasi: The reports of warfare between the Khinas=
plains states continue. It is thought that an alliance of Binsada, Zikala=
and Ariya is attacking the large nation of Aftane. So far this alliance h=
failed to make much impact on the powerful Aftane, but it is believed tha=
they may have recently captured one of the southern cities of Aftane,
perhaps Adaba. Also there have been further reports of naval battles off
the coast of Aftane between the navies of the alliance and Aftane's large
navy. It is not known who won this battle, but the Iron Hills reports a
decrease in the number of Ariyan ships travelling to its port of Mhowe.
Until recently this number had been quite high, but over the past two mon=
almost no vessels have been seen.
In other news from the same region it appears as if Aftane has signed an
agreement with the Black Spear Tribes for assistance against the invaders.
It is not known exactly what was promised to bring the humanoids and
monsters of the wastelands east of Aftane on side, but land in Ariya was

Cariele in the Five Peaks: Our reporter with the Cariele army in the Five
Peaks has reported that the Goblin and other creatures owing allegiance t=
King Gaxbar the Great have defeated a Cariele invasion force who were sen=
to conquer the province of Floodspaeth. The army left Torain province ear=
last month and were soon in the high mountain passes and deep valleys of
Floodspaeth. With little in the way of roads and even less food to be
gathered the Cariele army were in trouble from the start. Coming up again=
the renowned Goblin Skyriders and other powerful armies did not help
The battle began late in the month of Sehnir when Cariele's troops
encountered a small force of Gaxbar's Goblin near a peaceful mountain
stream. It did not remain peaceful for long though as a horde of Humanoid
warriors poured from the trees surrounding the stream to attack the Carie=
force. Although outnumbered by as many as five to one the Cariele force
fought bravely, taking down two Goblins for every one Human soldier that
died. Eventually however they were forced to retreat, least they all be
captured and killed by the enemy forces surrounding them. With the Cariel=
knight leading the charge while there Elite infantry held off the enemy
horde the armies were finally able to escape, although most now lay dead =
the valley behind them.
King Gaxbar has since sent a message to our reporter claiming that his
soldiers are prepared for further battle and soon all of the Five Peaks
will once more be under his control with all enemies driven from his land=
He also claims that only a fifth of his armies were wounded in the recent
battle and the rest await a further move from Cariele.


The Empire of Anuire:

(9/7 - Alamie) The duke of Alamie has removed taxes from the province of
Deseitain this season to encourage more settlers to that war ravaged

(12/7 - Five Peaks) The province of Sufanie, which has now come under the
control of the Militant Order of Cuiraecen has recent been the destinatio=
of many settlers from the southern lands. So far these settlers are livin=
ok with their Goblin neighbours, but trouble may be looming between the t=
races unless the MOC does something to calm the people's fears.

(26/7 - Ribos) Ribos has been buzzing with news of an expedition by a
Paladin of the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn. It seems that the man,
and his hired mercenaries has been scouring the mountains of Ribos and
capturing as many Flying creatures, such as Hippogriffs, and Griffons as =
can. He has quite a collection waiting at the docks on Ribos, but has yet
to arrange shipment back to Tuornen. He is looking for two Caravels willi=
to travel into a war zone and bring his prizes back to the temple. What t=
WIT wants with a collection of these creature is unknown, perhaps they ar=
starting up a zoo?

(27/7 - Ribos) Also on Ribos, several isolated farmers in the south of th=
province have been complaining of Rjurik raiders coming and stealing thei=
herds and money. The farmers claim that a horde of thousands of Rjurik
warriors poured off a fleet of longships and attacked their farms, making
off with their livestock and gold. Some people think that these farmers m=
be making the whole story up to get money from the government.

(6/8 - Taeghas) It the Seadrake back? That is the question being asked
along the West Coast this week after some sailors in the Avanil fleet
retreating from Boeruine waters reported seeing a strange scaly shape
slipping under the water. Rumours are now running wild throughout Taeghas
of a return of the Seadrake, after the Awnshegh has not been seen for
several years.

(11/8 - Talinie) The Northern Temple of Haelyn has been busy this week
blessing several units of its army. The units blessed were all ones going
to the battle in Tuornen where Talinie forces are assisting the Boeruine

(22/8 - Elinie) The Skeletal armies of the Swamp Mage have now been
defeated. But only after the mage went back to Osoerde to assist duke
Moergen in his fight against Aerenwe and the AFA soldiers. Also in Elinie
have come reports of a strange calm in Markazor. Few Goblins have been se=
in the land for many weeks and it is thought that all the armies of
Markazor have now been moved east to Kiergard to assist in the war agains=
the Kiergard rebels.

(27/8 - Thurazor) Rumours have surfaced of a lost Gold Mine in Doom's Pea=
province. The King of Thurazor is said to have sent an force to claim thi=
mine. Other regent however are claiming the mine as their own and it look=
as though a fight may develop over the wealth soon.

(2/9 - Elinie) Rumours of a massive Elven army in the Sielwode have been
heard throughout Elinie. According to some the Elves are poised to sweep
out of the forest and claim all of Elinie for themselves, killing the Hum=
population. No proof of this Elven army has been found yet, but the rumou=
are spreading throughout the population.

(13/9 - Cariele) Noelon Avan, 2nd son of Prince Avan has been reported
missing. He was last seen somewhere near Cariele, heading into the Five
Peaks. Everyone in the region is asked to look out for him, or any member=
of the College of Sorcery expedition that is also missing in the Five Pea=
somewhere. A large reward is offered for his safe return.

(19/9 - Mieres) Perhaps there was some truth to the story of a massive
fleet of Rjurik warriors near Ribos. This week it has been revealed that =
fleet of Rjuvik ships has been prevented from landing on Mieres recently =
the Mieres navy who were on patrol in the colonies waters. No reports of =
horde of Rjurik warriors on these ships though.

(23/9 - Cariele) Demonstration against the rule of Mheallie Bireon have
been held in the province of Riverford recently. It is not known was caus=
this trouble, although Mheallie Bireon is claiming a magical influence ov=
her people. The arrest of several people last month and the latter
execution without trial may have sparked off the trouble. All of those
arrested are believed to have been agents of Brosengae or another souther=

(31/9 - Anuire) With winter approaching there is a strange chill in the
air. Much colder than usual at this time of the year there is now talk of=
very severe winter blanketing Anuire. Perhaps the land is reacting to the
clash of the Blooded on the fields of battle.

The Rjurik Highlands:

(3/7 - Jankaping) Reports out of the Orog lands speak of a new secret
weapon that they are developing that will allow them to fight even in the
coming winter. No reports about what the weapon is though. If the Scarlet
Baron does develop this new weapon then it mean trouble for all the
northern kingdoms.

(17/8 - Jankaping) The King of Jankaping has arrested and executed two of
his Jarls, apparently for working with the White Witch. No proof of this
accusation could be found though and some think that it may have just bee=
an excuse to claim their guild holdings for himself. If this is true then
the greed of the King has cost two innocent men their lives. The dead
Jarl's families have vowed revenge against the King and fled to Hogunmark
to plot.

(5/9 - Halskapa) The floating hulk of a Anuirean caravel was found just o=
the coast of Halskapa recently. It was bought back to Skapa Hjarring
harbour and found to be completely abandoned, not even a single dead body
could be found after the ship was searched. It had lost its masts, but wa=
otherwise seaworthy. There is some speculation among the sailors who live
on the docks that the ship may have been rolled over by a giant wave,
losing it masts and crew in the process. Some think that it could be
repaired, although the cost may be high as all the masts must be replaced
and lost timbers also fixed. Several merchants have expressed interest,
although none would want to pay more that a few hundred gold for it.

(14/9 - Rjuvik) A dead Elven warrior has been found recently in Rjuvik. H=
was killed by a single arrow, fletched in black feathers. At his belt was
found a small bag holding several valuable gems, these have now been
claimed by Jarl Hulak for the crown.

(20/9 - Stjordvik) Trouble may be coming between the nation of Stjordvik
and the White Witch after two guilds belonging to the Witch were claimed =
the king of Stjordvik. After sending in his troop he arrested everyone in
the guilds and has now replaced them with his own men. The White Witch ha=
vowed revenge against the king for this outrage. This is the third nation
to threaten the White Witch, although why they are threatening such a
powerful foe is not known.


(7/7 - Kiergard) A new mage has is taking on the Sayer in Kiergard. Known
as Daniter Kusor she is a vassal of the Gorgon's. So far her holdings hav=
spread across Kiergard with little opposition from the Elven mage. This i=
a great danger to the rebels in Kiergard.

(15/8 - Rohrmarch) Construction has finally been completed on one of the
massive castles that are being built to protect northern Rohrmarch. The
second is thought to be also nearly completed and will be finished soon.
There is no word on a completion date for Alaric's Wall, the massive
construction that is being built to protect against any further invasions
from Kiergard or any other northern land.

(29/8 - Kiergard) Large numbers of Goblin soldiers have been seen heading
eastwards from Markazor. It is believed that much of the armies of that
land and being sent to fight in the war in Kiergard. Combined with the
soldiers already present in Kiergard these armies should be able to crush
the rebel forces within a few weeks once they are sent into action.

(29/9 - Rohrmarch) King Alaric has now announced that taxation will be
eased from next season due to the near completion of the two castles
project in northern Rohrmarch. Also in a surprise move Siegfried Lessen,
who owns of the the kingdoms two guilds is selling his holdings to the ki=
for what is reported to be a large amount of gold. The former guilder is
thought to have now retired to the nearby Iron Hills province of Mhowe we=
he recently purchased several large houses and villa.


(9/7 - Sendoure) A new road has been completed between Sendoure and the
Burrows to the east. The new road will allow caravans of goods to be
transport between the Halflings and lands further west by road, instead o=
by boat as is now the case. Anyone travelling on the road however will be
asked to pay a small toll for its upkeep and to repay the guild involved =
its construction.

(24/7 - Harrowmarsh) Pirate activity out of the Harrowmarsh has grown
steadily worse of the past few months. Any small vessel travelling along
the coastline near the Harrowmarsh can now be expected to be attacked. So
far none of the surrounding rulers have done anything to prevent these
pirates from operating, although there is little they could do unless the=
attacked the Harrowmarsh directly.

(`8/8 - Binsada) The latest word from the Sphinx's realm is that a new cu=
worshipping the Awnshegh itself has been formed. Not much is known about
this cult except that it is spreading rapidly across the Sphinx's realm a=
seems to have a favoured status with the Awnshegh and its servants.


The Burrows Wedding: Jollid Innkeeper and Hollisande Burnlaffen are happy
to announce their upcoming marriage. This union will put an end to the
economic strife between the two major Halfling Guilds which only last yea=
were engaged in a bitter struggle for the home markets.
"It was in the resolution of this struggle that we became aware of each
other as a person. I became so smitten with her that I even have been
neglecting my business to be near her" said Jollid Innkeeper.
"He was so charming and persistent and well to do, I just couldn't resist
him." was the comment of Hollisande Burnlaffen.
Many a halfling will have to abandon high hopes as with this marriage the
two the most eligible Halflings in Cerilia become partners. The ceremony =
Betrothal will be held in Ambles-on-Hillsfair and will be presided over b=
Elan Fairbairn himself. The wedding will take place in exactly one year.
(Action 3 of turn 20) The celebration will be the event of the year as
representatives from many parts of Cerilia are expected to come to the
feast. Jollid Innkeeper has announced that the grand festival will put to
shame the small party he held for the recent construction of his new home.

Warning about Facellies Sloere: I am Solomon Deephole, ruler of the
Darkreach Isles.
Earlier this month I was almost the victim of a group of vile assassins.
If not for the watchfulness of my loyal subjects I would now be dead. I
have the criminals in custody, and have found out who sent them. It was
none other than Facellies Sloere of the Taeghan Outfitters. I had though=
our differences had been set aside, but now he shows his true colours.
Please help me warn the regents of Cerilia about this would be murderer.
He and
those who support him shall not reign long.

Bounty of Siren's Vessels: I Marcus Dern will be leading the armies of
Talinie south in the aid of the Archduke Aeric Boeruine. 3000 men will
leave with me and perhaps not all will return. However the battle we go =
fight is a just and honourable one. This war may just decide the fate of
all of Anuire. This is the first step to restoring the power and prestige
of the Iron Throne and I am proud to be a part of it. As should all
citizens of Talinie. Talinie unites under the banner of Boeruine and we
will be victorious.

The End of High Taxes in Rohrmarch: With great rejoice, my dear country m=
and women. I can tell that the times of heavy taxes are nearly over. As o=
of the great keeps is finished, and the other one nearing completion, I
will say to thee, the time of severe taxes will be over after next
semester. One more period of three months and we will return to normal li=

Official Protest by Cariele about Mhoried acts of Violence towards its ow=
people: " I, Mheallie Bireon, has been shocked by the recent events in
Mhoried. Some months ago, a part of the population of Torien's Watch bega=
to tell their will to secede from Mhoried to join my country, Cariele. Th=
desire is old in the hearts of the people of the Aelvinnwode, to create a
great country in this area. When I heard this, I began to study precisely
what happened, and to think about this project. I decided to use my
influence as leader of Cariele to convince the leaders of this movement
that it was impossible to achieve such a project. I trusted the Mhor to
rule wisely his country. I wanted to contact him to discuss about all of
this when I learned that he repressed violently what he called a rebellio=
I'm shocked by this attitude. I though that the Mhor was a wise leader,
ready to resolve the problems by the diplomacy and not the War. Now, he h=
blood on his hands, and my heart command me to avenge all the innocents w=
perished in this brutal repression, even if it was not my first idea. I
recommend the Mhor now to be careful. Another such action could infuriate
me=85 "