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Adam Theo
11-20-1997, 02:22 AM
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hello, Adam Theo here,
gnomes: i think that as a accepted PC race this would be bad. I see
gnomes in the Birthright world as the tricksters and trouble-causers
that live in the Black Forest (the Coulladaraight) of Germany
(Brechtuer), delighting to cause mischief on the unwary traveler
cxamping for the night or the poor cheldren who "catch" it, and demand
for it to do some magic tricks for them because they "caught" it. I've
read many origional german stories and poems from olden times way back
when (and in the origional German), that portray gnomes as such: in AD&D
terms, the NPC mischief maker that is a good source of fun and an
adventure for the DM,
a few other races i think of in similar ways: that they are best used as
DM tools, and are just not practical as PC races. Giants&Kin, Wemics,
Tri-kreen, Minotaurs, etc.
if anyone is interested, this is the list of races that i allow in my
Human, any culture from Cerilia or other places. but needs a very good
story line.
Dwarves, are pretty good.
Halflings, are great.
Half Elves, are pretty good.
Elves i frown upon unless it's a camp that would involve elves, and
maybe not even then. an exception is a solo camp that i ran in
Tuarhievel, and it turned out well. the problem that i see with elves
PC is that i like to think of elevs as a very choatic-good race in the
exreme. sometimes choatic-neutral. i like to play elevs not as i would
in FR or DL, but MUCH different, as i think they should be. i think
that eleven way of life and thinking is very difficult to play and if
not done propoerly, can ruin a good game.
Goblins, a very good selection, second only to halfings.
sometimes Orogs and gnolls if in a savage setting.

maybe a Book of Races" would be a good idea, mainly focusing on the
traditional BR races as playable ones, but still detailing other
not-so-monsterish-races, but only for DM< use (describing tactics and
society for the DM, not the players). i think that higher up on the
priority list should be historical stuff such as the excellent idea
proposed by someone-i-don't-know, to make a book of the Roele and other
royalties lines from past to present. tracing bloodlines from
generation to generation, family to family.

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