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Ed Stark
11-18-1997, 09:55 PM
At 03:09 PM 11/18/97 UT, you wrote:
>One simple reason for asking about the old gods and their powers is the old
>churches and temples that still hold a grip on Aduria. Ex. Northern Temple
>of BRENNA, All the churches of Azrai. Where do these temples and religious
>sects get their powers from?

It is my opinion that the new gods, the champions of the old gods, have no
problem providing "spiritual power" to priests and paladins of their old
leaders. If the followers of the older gods know of the new gods' existence
(pretty likely, but not necessarily so), they probably think of them as
servitor gods or immortal champions or saints anyway.

As far as Azrai goes ... well, there's always the Cold Rider. Can he grant
spells and powers in Azrai's name? Is there something else lurking in the
Shadow World or on some nearby spiritual plane? Am I ever going to try to
answer these questions with a straight answer?


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