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Bryon Switala
11-18-1997, 03:11 PM
Ed, Sir Edward, Mr Stark,

I have been told that there is a copy of Vosgraad floating out in
the eather of the world.
Do you know of how anybody could have gotten this copy. Is this guy
just blowing smoke up my/our A**?
If he has the first and only prerun copy of the future lands of
Vosgraad why hasn't anyone hunted him down and commited ungodly acts upon
his person to accuire it for themselves?
I am one of the ten DM's running the Destiny of Kings PBeM game and
if this guy has a true copy, we would love to abuse him to get the
information it holds between its covers.

As always I stay loyal to Birthright,
Bryon F. Switala
Adurian DM

P.S. Sorry just feeling alittle goofy this morning. College stress is
starting to show.
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