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Andrew Kerle
11-18-1997, 01:31 PM
Thankyou to everyone who responded to my post about Moraddin. I have found the
extra info from the suggested sources. I had already read the information
about the Dwarven gods from the Monster Mythology book. I was actually
refering to any extra info, ie Realm spells etc, which would be of help to the
dwarven lands. I do apologize for the vagueness of my question in that post.

Anyway. Ed, I am the GM in our game, and I actually decided that the two
realms were seperate until such time that they were well known to each other.
The dwarven kingdom, is in the same province as another small town, but as of
yet there has been no actual meetings between the two. Of course rumors

Also, In the "Sword of Roele" adventure there is a portal which takes the user
to other planes. If I remeber correctly there are six doors in the room but
you have to find the command words. Our group hasn't found the portal yet, and
are actually searching for it so a huge red dragon won't eat them.
Unfortunately this particular dragon, unlike the native kind, doesn't have any
spell powers except as a magician, because he isn't blooded. Of course the
PC's don't know that, and he is still very powerful, although the PC's now
average 7th level, and have already taken out a Shadow dragon, from the shadow
world. It was invisible, had illusions everywhere, and was using ventriloquism
to throw its voice.

The party Paladin decided to cast detect evil, and well he got a very strong
presence behind him so he took a swing. Natural 20 of course, and we use
critical hits. The dragon was very upset after that.

Thats in the realms of "Yea if you roll three 1's on percentile, your god
intervenes cause he likes you" As a joke. The PC rolled three in a row.

Sometimes the PC's have all the luck.

We also allow monsters, if from a group or tribal arrangement, to specialize in
their weapons. etc. We also use skills and powers for them too. Its suprising
how even the campaign can get when every second orog you meet, is as powerful
as the super duper skills & powers fighter which the party has. Makes them all
work as a team.

Andrew Kerle