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Adam Theo
11-17-1997, 02:46 AM
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hello, Adam Theo here,
this is a pick-up of a thread from a week ago. And since i thought it a
good thread, but missed it while it was young, i'm putting in my pieces
yes, i agree that the maps of the capital cities of some of the DS's
should have been better. that is not the only thing.
My personal viewpiont on DS is that they should be for the Player & DM.
mainly for the player & DM on the following points:

1) the DS i feel should contain the noble structure of each realm, with
the noble houses, short descriptions of each, important individual
nobles, and neat things for role-playing use (that is where BR is
focusing on, now, correct?) such as the noble house crests and some
rumors of the houses and members. the nobles are people that any regent
in the realm would interact with. they should be developed enough so as
not to apear to be "a noble". nobles can be a seriously major part of
any campaign. it's not just the regent that does everything in the
2) the same/similar for the important non-nobles. such as any
religious/templar persons that are not nobles, the court
magician/wizard, the ranger that lives in the forest fighting the
goblins from time to time.
3) the DS should not focus exclusivly on the regent of the land
viewpiont. but also greatly on the "adventurer of the town" viewpiont.
describe the people who a traveling adventurer might meet and interact
with (the ranger in the woods, the jolly mayor who insists on being
friends with everyone). i think that BR could expand from the one tier
that is has now with regenthood, and getting more in the way of
providing for the "common adventurer". that way if the DM and players
want to be "common adventurers", then they can. and later the campaign
can eveolve into a regenthood campaign if they want it to. encompase
all viewpionts. diversity.
4) should provide info that anyone would know/use. road info, mention
where castles are, terrain info. but most importantly, city
descriptions and landmarks. expand into detailing the city a little
more, even if just naming and mentioning gardens in the city, market
squares, and individual temples. that could be very helpful.
5) rumors and hints. the curent DS do a fair bit on this, but could be
expanded to include more on plots that are going around the place.
include rumors for both the regent and the common adventurer.
6) expand to do not only realms as a domain sourcebook, but also
non-landed domains. The Domain Sourcebook of The Impregnable Heart of

in fact, i think i'll start work on a Domain Sourcebook of my own.
don't expect the results anytime soon, since i'm bogged for the next two
months. but it'll happen, that i assure. one thing: what

how's that?

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