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Adam Theo
11-16-1997, 01:37 AM
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hello, Adam Theo here,
sorry to all that are not involved in the DoR PBeM and do not wish to
be. but i hope that everyone can forgive me for this one. *please?*.
but bad news, Dyson has left the PBeM, it seems. well, actually he has
just not been in contact for the past two weeks. neither to his
players, nor to us DMs. so i have decided to take on the mantle of
Khinasi DM since Dyson has dropped out. sound good? you like? ok.
problem: i have little idea beyond the existing webpage of who had
signed up with Dyson to be a player. someone has very generously
contacted everyone listed on the webpage (thanks, "Flo":), and they have
hopefully gotten the message. but this is for everyone that had sent in
stuff to Dyson (domain requests, domain info, regent info, etc) and did
not recieve a reply from him. please resend all of that to me at
adamtheo@usa.net , the same address that i use for this mailing list.
so if you are interested in playing in Khinasi, then check out the main
site, which will take you to the new khinasi site. the main site also
has gotten a facelift. it's almost done with the glitches.
so please, resend all khinasi stuff to me. and this is VERY important:
when you send it to me, have [khinasi] in the title, WITH the brackets.
this allows me to sort all of my mail and not loose it.
so if you already apllied and no reply, then send to me, and if you are
new to this and are interested, goto
http:www.geocities.com/timessquare/realm/2315 , and that will be the
site of the PBeM. if you do not have a internet connection and do want
to play, then send a letter to me and i'll send you an email of how to
join. we want all players possible! esspeccially for khinasi.
i apologizze to all that have had to wait for Dyson's responses. it
will never happen with me, or your money back.(wait.....hold on....THERE
WAS NO MONEY!). but please send to me.
and i again apologize to all people that have this cluttering their
already bulging mailboxes, and have no interest in this. sorry. i'll
send this letter two morw times to make sure that it catches people's
eyes so that noone is left out. apologies!

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