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11-13-1997, 09:43 PM
BI>Can someone please tell me what this is???

Council of Kings was a LARP at GenCon. Well, officially it was a
seminar, but it was run as a larp. The BR staff played characters
representing the 5 human races. Others played representatives of
kingdoms. For example Carrie Bebris was our Khinasi rep, and I played
Gerad ibn El Arassi (and was elected the new Khinasi rep).
The plot was that we all were getting together to stop an increase in
activity from the Shadow World. It sounds like a lot of people on the
list were there. The necromancer comments come from a player who played
a planeswalking necromancer. He suggested that we raise an army of
undead to fight off the Shadow World. We decided (behind his back) that
all Necromancers should be destroyed (him first).
We had a great time (I thought it was the best event I was involved in,
along with the discussion group on the Shadow World). I hope a sequal
to it gets run next year (I will be ready with costuming next time),
perhaps as another predecessor before a Shadow World book gets

Robert Thomson

P.S To you Vos out there, it was decided the Khinasi priests would use
divination to find out what is out there, then the Vos and Anuirean
troops would go in to get slaughtered while we waited to see what