View Full Version : Gnomes & Randall`s Product sugs

James Ruhland
11-13-1997, 12:02 AM
. Birthright doesn't
> need them. I like the idea of Gobo's much more. They add a lot more to
> the game world than gnomes would.
I agree with Robert. I'd much rather see someting dealing with goblins as
pcs than gnomes. IMO, gnomes are either 1) close enough to being Dwarven to
just be Dwarves who live in hills and chuckle more or 2) too Krynnish
(tinker Gnomes). Now, Giant Space Hamsters...well, that's another matter

" way of the Forgotten (rightly so!) Realms"

Every time you say that, Randall, I let out a rebel yell. Just so you know
(hey, and I'm 1) from the north, and 2) a buyer of F.R. products). I'm
gonna add that formulation to my collection of phrases, if you don't mind.
Plus, I wholehartedly agree with you about a proliferation of monsters.
Cerillia doesn't need that, the game wouldn't profit from it (at least not
the Cerilian based campaings). Now, a good idea might be to have diferent
monsters on diferent continents (say, instead of Oorgs in Aduria, something
else). But keep it simple. We don't need a menagere. Btw, I'm glad we're
sticking to a discussion of Gnomes; if anyone mentioned that other
pestilance from Krynn, I might have to break out my cookbook...

"A comprehensive strategic warfare system so the DM can decide wars between
NPC countries quickly"

I'd suggest basing a system like this on the old War Machine rules; that's
basically what I use for "quick and dirty" battle resolution (ok, it was
for D&D, but it translates over to AD&D with minimal effort) when I don't
have something in mind already...or even if I do (hey, perhaps the minions
of evil are surprisingly thwarted---temporarily). I also have to give a
hearty "hear here" for your other product ideas (though I think the History
of the Roele family might make a better Dragon article than it would a
stand alone product). I'd also like to see more on the Oorgs and the
underground (esp. stuff dealing with their conflict with the Dwarves); but,
again, don't make it a menagere. We don't nessisarily need hidden mind
flayer cities or drow (aboleth might be nice, though, they fit in well, I
think, with the errie nature of Cerilia's underground). Just detail on the
dudes we've got.