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Joel Parrish
11-12-1997, 02:35 PM
::acquiescing to the comments of his fellow listers:: My apologies for my
earlier comment. It was made on a bad day in a bad mood. And this is the
last post I will make on this.

As for multiple PC races, I like the idea of having different races to
choose from, but only in moderation. Whether you like him or not, Drizzt in
FR was a good story line, because of his uniqueness. But after that, they
opened up the whole race to PC's, and it diminished the concept. If there
are going to be Orogs, Gnomes, Goblins, Minotaurs, etc. then that is great.
It opens up the game to what true "role-playing" is all about, being
something that you are not. Taking on the role of something or someone and
viewing things from their perspective, their culture, instead of just a
bunch of humans running around in oversized or undersized ;) suits. But if
they are chosen, I would have to say they would be unique, or at least rare.
Make them interesting, not commonplace.