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Bryon Switala
11-11-1997, 11:29 PM
At 02:23 PM 11/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>BI>hi ed how about adding gnome pcs to the new birthright hardcover, there the
>BI>only race left out but exist in cerrilia i would like to see the cerrilian
>BI>version of them
>NO GNOMES! Please! After DL I was glad to see this race left out.
>Anyway, Dwarves and Halflings are enough runts running around.
>Robert Thomson

I personelly like the idea of haveing a varity of different races to
play. This makes the game much more diversified and challenging. AD&D is
based on the concept of multiple races. And now with in the last few years
we see that there is a chance to play some of the NPC races from before.
If the race is not to outlandish and fits with the AD&D world then I
would allow it. These races would be small and contained, but they would
add spice to the game.

Minator's in the Maze
Wemic's working for the Sphinx
Mermen Fighting the evils of the Deep
Why not. . .

As to the comment about runts and others about language. I enjoy playing
dwarves, haflings, and gnomes. People usually over look them and they get
away with alot.

Fear the Dwarven Battle Rager
Fear the Halfling Burgler
Fear the Gnomish Attack Hamster

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