View Full Version : Divesting, Maps, &tc.

James Ruhland
11-10-1997, 07:20 PM
> 1. Why doesn't blooded but non regent folk divest themselves just an
> hour (a minute whatever) before their death? (Give the bloodline to
> an ally, liutenant or henchman)
1) this assumes forknowlege and prepairation for their death (I.E.
investiture is a realm spell that takes some time to prepair and
cast...much more than an hour). A version of this is used by regents (when
they die, their heir gets their bloodline as well as the property).
> 2. Is it possible to invest only part of the bloodline?
A recient q. dealt with this and the answer was no; it's all or nothing.

Btw; someone reciently said that only non-regents could do the
divest/invest bloodline trick; a regent would lose the connection with the
land if they tried it. That's true, after a fashion. I know several ways to
get around this, but it would only be worth it in extreame cases. (If you
can't think of any tricks to get around this limitation, ask me, and I
might be kind enough to give away some secrets...in general, you should be
crafty enough to think of a few yourself.) Hey, how 'bout that; we could
exchange some "tricks" we've thought of as players and regents, for
advancing the interests of our realms. Any takers?

"One of the things I'd like to see in the Hardcover BR book, may seem silly
at first. Since in my view, it is unlikely that TSR would give a CDROM
a mapping feature"

you had me drooling on my keyboard just thinking of such a thing. But, btw,
there are some good products out there for maping (I.E. Campaign
Cartographer), but they're kind of a pain to use (IMO); and are not
optimized for Cerilia.

(note... the BR deluxe game might, but not everyone has

BR Deluxe will not have a mapping feature; it will let you edit the map as
it exists (Anuire) to some extent, but not create your own provinces, maps,

, I would like to see a plastic covered map of the continent(I don't
know how to refer to it.... a map that you can write on with a wax pencil,
or something like that), that you can use to keep track of territory
on. It makes it easier for the players, and I think for you as well. I
don't know if this would be possible to include, or how popular it would
so I thought I would ask what type of mapping utilities you would like to

That would be a good idea, especially since when playing the PnP game we're
usually sprawled out in the living room, not in front of a computer. I'd
like to see the maping CD (print out new maps, too), and your idea for a
plastic covered map. Note, however: you can usually get stuff laminated at
a good printshop. It would probably be expensive for TSR to include plastic
covered maps for everything (the one big map of cerilia really isn't
detailed enough for it to stand alone in this regard), but if their was
some way to package all the maps of the various regions; we all probably
own one each already (at least of the areas we game in); we could buy this
map accessory product, then get one copy laminated as you suggest for our
own use, and leave the other copy "pristine".