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11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
>Do you all have that many people who "just happen" to generate 18s in
>attributes that end up being bumped to 19s with racial modifiers and then
>to 20s or 21s by other, randomly-rolled, circumstances? Is the situation
>that common?

In one of the groups to which I belonged there was a fellow who would
"meditate" before rolling any dice. After this he would always roll sixes (I
never liked him anyway he was the one who poured acid on my samurai and shot
him up with crossbow bolts and traps and afterwards whined "I was trying to
get the gargoyle" when I threw him off the top of a tower. One of his later
characters was responsible for pushing the samurai into a sewer where he

Anyway, back to the subject. I think that some people have figured out
exactly how to throw a die so that it lands to their favor. I used to be
able to do that (so obviously that it couldn't be performed publicly) with a
d6, and I don't see why other people couldn't develope this ability further.
This also leads to some crazy superstitions among roleplayers (In my group
people always leave their dice with the number they want facing up, one guy
washes his dice every half hour or so and another talks to his.)

Does anyone have any other superstitions about dice rolling?

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James Ruhland
10-18-1997, 03:40 AM
> Does anyone have any other superstitions about dice rolling?
When I played a long time ago with a group of dudes (early-mid '80s), I had
a (deserved, if I do say so myself) rep. for rolling high (high abilities,
high hit rolls, high save rolls, whatever). Wasn't all the time, but any
time the group needed a high roll, they'd ask me to roll the dice (if it
was a group-related roll). Any time they wanted a low one, I was the last
they called on. Funny, doesn't seem to "work" anymore; I roll pretty
average now. So either I had a string of good luck (a LONG string of good
luck), or whatever good fairy posessed me at the time moved on...

On another matter, since folks discussed elves; I'll bet this one was
hashed over already but 1) I just subscribed to the list and 2) I just got
Havens of the Great Bay. A very interesting sourcebook, but, as seems to be
happening, rule interps in the strangest places. The one in Coullabhe,
about elven troop maintinance is ok (P. 34, where they only pay partial
maint. when not at war; seems to be a "general" interp, rather than a
Coullabhie-specific). That one is ok, IMO, bec. elven realms, with
typically underdeveloped guilds, tend to lack for cash. But the strange
rule on P. 78 (Zweilund Islands), where elves (or, in this case a half-elf)
ruling a human-inhabited realm can develop Source holdings as if it were an
elven run, providing they control all the holdings (etc. won't repeat it
all here), that seems strange and unlikely. Anyone know anything about
this? It's "Official" I guess, 'cause it's in the pub, but I doubt I'll be
letting players get away with that (as dudes have said, they have enough
"excuses" to run elves, anyhow. Not that most players die in bed.)