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11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
Here is a new BA and a new magical item:

Ties of Blood (Minor, Major, Great)
Derivation: Anduiras, Reynir, Brenna, and Masela

The scion and his siblings (who will also have this ability), share a common
bond through their divine blood. In its weakest form this means that sense
each others emotions and anticipate each others actions to a point where
they constantly finish each other's sentences. They can also sense when
their siblings are in danger, but they cannot know where or from what.

As a major ability the are able to communicate silenty through eye contact.
Besides this they can, in immediate life or death situations, send out
mental cries for help over an unlimited distance.

As a great ability the siblings can communicate at will for distances of up
to one mile. They can also communicate at greater distances, but only for a
total one turn per day (this could, however, include many sentences
throughout the day).

If one of the siblings should die, this event is so traumatic that the
others must make a system shock roll or perish as well (If another sibling
dies this way, and there were more than two, then any survivors must roll
again). Even if they survive the remaining siblings lose two constitution
and remain unable to do anything for two weeks due to the pain and grief of
the experience (The survivors will probably never fully recover from the


This is a rare form of enchanted silver. It is dark grey-blue and always
cold to the touch. As of yet it has only one known use: it can be crafted
into superb mirrors.

Such mirrors are very perilous when enchanted, however, for they can be used
to toy with the Shadowworld, and in these cases it is always uncertain who
is toying with who. When enchanted a person looking into the mirror will not
see a reflection of what it around him, what he ses will be a refelction of
the Shadowworld. He will see his surroundings, but they will be twisted and
evil. In the place of the himself and people around him will be undead,
curtains will have rotted away, furniture made from bone instead of wood,
gold is lead, etc.

The true power of the mirror, however takes place during the Eve of the
Dead, when the mirror forms a two way portal to the Shadowworld. Any undead
nearby the portal will gleefully crossover, and any man foolish enoug to
enter will become trapped in the Shadowworld if he sould not return by dawn
in the realworld. And just to confound the poor soul, in the Shadowworld
there is no dawn.
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