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11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
Fully formed the elves sprang from the elements of fire, air, water, and
earth. So goes the legend of the sidhelien. Since we are all discussing
elven mysticism I just want to add my ideas to the group. This was all a
result of my looking at the elemental control abilities and thinking: "Wagh,
elementals are too, too, un- cerilian". Therefore I take the task of
cerilifying the elementals.

In my point of view Cerilia does not belong to some BIG ad&d multiverse, it
is a stand alone world. Thus I wish to exclude the belief that there are
elemental planes in our beloved world.

In Cerilia, the elements flow and mix. The air, the earth, etc. They all
mix, and more importantly, they are all imbued with mebhaighl. One of the
manifestations of this mixture was the spontaneous generation of the elven
spirit and body.

All cerilian elves are immortal due to this connection with nature, and thus
the elements, and mebhaighl. However, the physical form of the sidhelien is
not invulnerable to violent death. All elves die violently.

This violent rupture of the elf from the body scatters the elements that
make up the elven soul, effectively decomposing it into fire, earth, air,
and water.(At the discretion of the DM this may result in spectacular death
scenes, BOOM ;)One more immediate result of this dramatic end is that no
elves may be brought back to life after they have died.

One exception to the above rule is for blooded elves, who posses major lines
or greater. In these elves the stuff of the gods runs so strongly as to act
as a glue that binds the soul together. They become incorporeal spirits
known to elves as Sidhesheghlien (SHE-SHEGH-len). Only a few score of these
spirits are known to exist in all of Cerilia, and each is unique.

Now, this results in a lot of elven soul matter hanging about. This matter
flows on mebhaighl and follows the patterns of the land, thus it will be
richer in lands where magic is abundant.

Like mebhaighl this soul matter, sidhebhaine(SHE-VANE), pools in certain
places. such as pristine pools, mountaintops, volcanoes, etc. This is where
elementals can take form.

Very few and far between are pools of sidhebhaine. Rarer still are those who
can manipulate them. A rare few of those on cerilia (elemental control blood
ability) have the power to mold from the pooled element a new form,
subservient to the creator. This form is called an elemental. The only
people who can do so are blooded regents whose divine power is so great that
they can bind together an new "soul", as the power of sidhesheghlien keep
their souls together. Another group capable of this monuental task are a
handful wizards who can force mebhaighl to immitate that power.

This newly formed elemental soul is kept together permanently by the
creator, unless that creator is a wizard, who must lock the soul into some
artifact to keep it intact. The creator can only keep one such soul at a
time(wizards can keep any amount), and can call upon the soul once in a time
between two dawns.
When doing this the creator can force the soul into a body of the element
which it represents, giving it physical form. If the elemental thus formed
is slain during its service the creator must exert all his will (wis check)
the soul dissipates.

Obviously the sidhelien aren't going to be to happy with humans et al.
messing around with the departed spirits of their ancestors, so if they
learn of this occurrence the scion using elementals can expect a visit from
the gheallie sidhe. Of course it is acceptable for the elves to "recieve
aide from those who departed in the act of protecting the elven cause", and
it is not unknown for the wisest of the Taelinirie (sp?) to bind together
their own elemental souls to protect the forests.

Well, i'm certainly ready for comments, this thing is too big to be
flawless. Those who wish to decompose my soul into flaming sidhebhaine may
do so.