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Master Dao Rin
01-09-2002, 02:06 AM
Man, I miss BR! :(

I'm thinking of porting over the BR rules to my SWRPG D20 game - if you can't bring the players to the rules, bring the rules to the players I say! ;)

But I do have a ? for you all: what do you think of expanding the province/holding levels to 20 max, instead of 10. Since its D20, I'm thinking this shouldn't be a problem, but do you think its worth it? Or should I stick with 10? Since it already used a d20 for difficulty rolls, does it matter? For instance, Coruscant would be a 20 'sector' (province). Would this change the realm actions significantly?

Plus, how would I convert the RP rules? Should I call them Senate points? :) Maybe hero points? How would PC rulers earn them? By the CHA stat or twice it? Or what?

Can anyone start the creative juices flowing? Thanks guys!

Lord Eldred
01-14-2002, 02:39 AM
I am not familiar with the D20 system you are converting to but changing province levels to 20 would signify a much more populated world for one and for two would allow people to become way more powerful and would definately change the flavor of the game. However, if that is what you are looking for go for it!

Lord Shaene
01-14-2002, 12:45 PM
It might work, but i would suggest that if you up the province levels up to a max of 20 then adjust evrything else accordingly, i dont have my books in front of me but say for example a level 5 guild in a level 10 province gained 1d6 gb's per turn normally, then a level 5 guild in a level 20 province would only gain 1d3 gb's per turn. that way everything would stay the same ratio.

01-16-2002, 09:37 PM
Are, above anything else, a factor of population. Unless you want to drastically change the scale of population to keep it under level 10, I'm all in favor of more provinces levels. I once expanded the population table(which is badly screwed up in the rulebook IMHO anyway) to higher levels than 10. My math was like this:
Population Range = Maximum of previous level to (Maximum of previous level + 2000 * New level).
Level 0 province would have a base population of 0 to 1000 inhabitants, then you would get this:
1: 1000-3000
2: 3000-7000
3: 7000-13000
4: 13000-21000
5: 21000-31000
6: 31000-43000
7: 43000-57000
8: 57000-73000
9: 73000-91000
10: 91000-111000
11: 111000-133000
12: 133000-157000
13: 157000-183000
14: 183000-211000
15: 211000-241000
16: 241000-273000
17: 273000-307000
18: 307000-343000
19: 343000-381000
20: 381000-421000
and so on...

This any help?

Master Dao Rin
01-24-2002, 05:57 AM
Good point, Shaene.

Also, yes T, but I was thinking of really bumping up system population totals, (since we're talking about a galactic society, and star systems!) to something like this:

0: up to 500 000 inhabitants
1: 500+ but less than 1 million (a good size port/settlement)
2: 1 million to 10 million
3: 10+ to 50 million
4: 10+ to 100 million
5: 100+ to 250 million
6: 250+ to 500 million
7: 500+ to 750 million
8: 750+ to 10 billion
9: 10+ to 50 billion
10: 50+ to 100 billion
11: 100+ to 250 billion
12: 250+ to 500 billion
13: 500+ to 750 billion
14: 750+ to 10 trillion
15: 10+ to 50 trillion
16: 50+ to 100 trillion
17: 100+ to 250 trillion
18: 250+ to 500 trillion
19: 500+ to 750 trillion
20: 750+ trillion and up

Maximum level would be 20. Coruscant would be the only level 20 system (on the single planet no less!) in the galaxy. "Earth", for example, would be classified as a level 8 system, all of the population on the one planet 'Sol' (Earth). The correlation (the "Earth" "province") I was thinking is a level 4 province in BR.

Of course, these totals would only represent "taxable" citizens. Native species wouldn't be included in such a calculation. And, of course, taxes would be collected in the GB equivalent of credits: Quadracredits ( 1 quadrillion credits per point, or maybe 10 quadrillion or something). Does that sound right for the populations levels I'm talking about?

Also, another interesting question I had:

How would you account for the different types of governments possible? Compare dictatorships, republics(democracies), communism, tribal, oligarchies, etc.

How would that affect the rules in terms of collection, max system populations etc? I think this would add a fun aspect to the game, as well as introduce technological impediments to the rules (say, you can't increase a population's system level above level 10 if your 'civilization' hasn't discovered the advanced city planning technologies (or repulsolift technology) or something?

Any ideas about tech and political systems affecting rulership?

01-24-2002, 03:27 PM
Hey Dao, nice to see ya over here too...

I would say Democracies and Oligarchies would still have a handful of guys with all the Law holdings. I mean in our system, President Bush wields alot of the authority, and certain key congessional leaders wield more than others.

Example: Old Republic before TPM. The Chancellor is technically the chief lawmaker, but underneath Palptapine has undermined him and gained the loyalty of various officials. A Hutt crimelord recently has been bribing politicians into his pockets. Various mercantile interests would hold guild holdings.

Coruscant Level 20/0 Province
Chancellor Valorum (7)
Senator Palatapine (11)
The Jedi Council (1)
Bubba the Hutt (1)

Black Sun (2)
Trade Federation (2)
Sinsear (7)
Corellion Engineering (6)
Tarkin Family (1)
Viagra the Hutt (2)

Master Dao Rin
01-24-2002, 08:57 PM
So you think its possible then to do a straight conversion of 10 to 20? Lets see, I'll have to come up with some tables for conversion tonight ...

How do you think RPs should be handled - considering there is no such thing as regency in Star Wars? I was thinking it could convert into "popularity" or "voice of the people" sorta deal ... not the best descriptors, I know, but I'm working on it ... :)