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Olivier FAIVRE
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
changes for playing BR with SAGA rules:


I tried to give Saga sorcerers some advantages:

First, Sources reduce the casting cost of a spell by his level. For example,
casting a 16 points spell in a source 3 area, reduce the cost by 3 points to

Furthermore, Magic in the Saga rules is very limited in duration, area of
effect and range. Sources may improve these parameters for wizard regents
according to the table below:

Source Range Duration Area
6 5km 1 Day 100 people
7 Province 1 week 500 people
8 Whole Domain 1 month 1000 people
9 All Anuire 1 year 10000 people

One Source allow the wizard to choose one improve parameter. He must forge ley
lines to use two or more improved parameters. For example, a wizard
controlling 3 linked sources may improve range, duration and area.

Your comments are welcome to balance this chart.

I'm studying a rule to allow regent wizards to create magic items. For the
moment, I think they should tap into a source, reducing it by 1 level to
create a permanent item. This sacrifice balances the introduction of a new
object in the campaign.


Spell cost reduction is the same as for wizard, around temples only. But,
opposite clerics see their spell cost increase in the same proportion. For
example, a Belinik priest casting a spell in a temple (3) sanctuary see the
spell cost increasing by 3 points.
Advantages for high level temple holdings are the same as for wizards, except
that a priest can't forge ley lines and so can't select more than one improved