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Olivier FAIVRE
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
Some more Saga Rules for BR:

I wanted to use Saga playing cards but also to keep the BR War cards (for
their design). I kept the global organisation of turns and movement but
changed the battle resolution.

Doubling each value printed on the card gives Saga scores.
For example, an elite anuirean infantery is now:

War card Saga scores
Defense: 4 Endurance:8
Moral: 3 flags Moral: 6
Melee: 4 Strength: 8

I used the scores of Presence and Leadership for the general:
The number of cards in hand that will be used during the battle by the general
comes from the number of quest. It reflects that an army would be more self
confident under a reputed commanding officer.
Then the ability code reflects the knowledge of tactics and strategy. You can
be a very famous hero, but a very poor strategist too! This code modifies the
difficulty of each action according to the table bellow:
Presence code Modifier
A +4
B +2
C 0
D -2
X -4
Better choose a good general!

Finally, the battle is resolved according to these actions:

Attack a unit: Average Strength (Endurance)