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Olivier FAIVRE
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
some' more rules for playing br with 5a

spheres for priests

I choose to give every good priest the sphere of healing to avoid a mutiny of
my players.

Haelyn: Sensitivity, Mentalism, healing
Erik:Animisme (land mammals only), Altération, healing
Cuiracéen:Electromancy, Transfert , healing
Nésirie:Hydromancy, Aéromancy, healing
Ruornil: Sensitivity, Spiritualism, summoning
Sera:: summoning, Spectramancy, healing
Laerme: : Pyromancy, Spectramancy, healing
Eoèle: Spectramancy, Transfert,healing
Kriesha: Cryomancy, Nécromancy, Animism.
Belinik:Nécromancy, Transfert, Cryomancy

priests are allowed trump cards when acting in direct favor of their deity
beliefs and goals.