View Full Version : About the Spider and Shadow World

Harri Kemppainen
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
My players are going to confront The Spider very soon. I've been wondering
what means Major regeneration (great) in the spider card. I guess it
have been explained in abominations source book (which I don't have yet).
I also wondered the text in Spider card "It can even regenerate from
damage ... below -10 HP. Only way to really kill the creature is to chop
the remnants, set them aflame and scatter salt..." It's quite extreme. On
the other hand how can a creature survive all but burning and scattering
remaining ashes?

So I linked the Spider with Shadow world. The Spider exists in both
worlds at the same time. It could mean also that to utterly destroy the
Spider you have to kill him in both worlds. It will be fun to watch my
players when a halfing tells them that they have to go to Shadow World and
destroy the Shadow Spider too. I am going to run it with lots of atmosfare
desolate surroundings, constant mist, almost complete darkness, constanly
howling wind, full moon behind the clouds and so on. Travel to nightmares
and at the end of the road waits infuriated Shadow Spider fangs dripping
venom and eyes blazing revenge.

- ---