View Full Version : Some errors in Aglondier familytree

Harri Kemppainen
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
There have slipped some errors in Aglondier familytree, and there are some
well not so realistic points. Lets start from the beginning.

1) Tobius Aglondier was married to woman 70 years younger than himself.
I find that a bit hard to believe. He was also 89 years old when his son
was born.

2) Nora Ramela (Dajels wife) wasn't even born when she had their first
child and she was one year old when had her second child

3) Dorinea Abaten (Pearces wife) was ten years old when she had a son.

4) In text Dajel was 55 when he became regent and died 7 years later, but
by familytree he lived 80 years

As a resolution I suggest that.

1) Saja Perean was born in 370 and Axlea was born in 399.
Axlea dies in 501.
2) Dajel was born in 436 and Nora Ramela was born in 441.
3) Dorinea abaten was born in 471.
4) Axlea retires in 491 so Dejel is 55 when he becomes regent (As it says
in text). Dajel dies in 498. Axlea sees Solomes rise to power and hides
most powerful family heirlom - staff of power.

Only problem is that in text Axlea proclaimed Ilien Neutral domain in 506.
So it happened in 486 and and it was recognised in 490. Peace was signed
at same year. Having finnishd what her grandfather Lehoene started She
retires to her magical studies and education of Moeran

During Solomes tyranny Axlea is already too old to resist and Solome won't
dare to kill her. Martyr in hand of rebels would be too much.

There are still some weak points (I am open to suggestions after all one
of my players plays Rogr Aglondier) but nothing I would call errors.
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