View Full Version : [BIRTHRIGHT] Minor rule mod. on arm

Harri Kemppainen
11-30-1996, 12:00 AM
In my campaigne (situated around Roesone) there are 5 players. One is
ruler of Roesone, one is leading temple Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, One
is ruler of Ilien and true wizard, one is leading guild Port of Call
Exchange and last one is just fighter hanging with reagent. Players are
playing well together and they have all the time combined their strengh
against antagonists (namely Ghoere, Orthien Tane and Raenech of Osoerde).

My problem was that together they have so much money and resources that
hardly any lone regents can match that. So they have grown too
powerful and they can muster too many armies for my liking. Also it
feels funny that in relatively small area (like Roesone) there are
constanly willing persons to join ever groving ranks of Reosonean army.
After all I made too modifications to rules to at least slow down
unreasonable army growth.

1. In one action round reagent can muster armies worth (in GB) of two
times number of provincies reagent rules. Provinces which are ruled by
vasallage don't count.

2. Each level of Province can support one army unit. For each exceding
unit ruler has to pay one Gold Bar for imported food, suplies etc. Imported
goods has to come from a realm which is willing to sell goods to reagents

There are propably other solutions, but in my campaigne this works well
and players took it with no complain.

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