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Raesene Andu
02-09-2004, 03:24 PM
Planned Releases

Guidebook Series
[Each is a comprehensive look at the realms and non-landed regents from the region. Also included are descriptions of major adveturing sites, NPCs, unique magical items, new monsters, and everything else you need to run an campaign in the region.]

The Southern Coast - 1st March, 2004
The Heartlands - May 2004*
The Western Coast - July 2004*
The Eastern Marches - September 2004*
The Northern Marches - November 2004*

Culture Series
[A very detailed look at the culture and history of each human race in Cerilia. Also included will be prestige classes and other new rules material. These releases will also include all of the material previously released in the guidebook series in one nice, neat download rather than keep them seperate.]

Anuire: The Ruins of Empire - December 2004*

* Note: These dates will most likely change.

Joining the Team
The Atlas Team is also currently accepting new members and we are not just looking for writers for the major realm description, but also for each of the non-landed regents, plus people to write up adventure locations, NPC or monster stats, descriptions of ruins, unique magical items, and so forth.

If you think you are interested in writing for the Heartlands or any of the other regions of Anuire, then please get in contact with me at hoss@chariot.net.au However, be warned that I will need to see some ideas or an example of your writing before you can be added to the team.