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11-13-1996, 02:12 AM
The novels for BR have been among the best put out by TSR, but I want to see
if anyone can help clear somethings up for me. The Elves in this book
possessed some ablities that I can't quite pin down. In several parts of the
book the Elves perform a leap that seems unreal. Jumping into the air, and
impaling their enemies with thier swords. Since it seems this can be
learned, I've put it off to the Jumping Non-weapon Pro., but their other
ability I'm unsure of. It seems they can merge with trees at will. This
power to is something that can be taught, but I thought I had read somewhere
Elves could not teach thier magic to non-Elves. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but,
if anyone has any good answers, let me know them.

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