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11-13-2003, 10:03 PM
A 'New Dawn' My little PBEM

By studying acent lore. some scollars have now discoverd a rich land. where only few have gone, and fewer have come back.

You must sail the fyrst day of spring west from Stormpoint. and in 3 monts time you arrive on the cost of a new, mostly unsettle land.

But this place is not of this world. and thet is true.

On the second month it is like pasing trow to the shadow world. Even the stars are difrent. Magic dosent work but it is still hygly magical plase. perhaps magic works in a difrent way, even thow the Wisards cant use any of there old spells.

Divine spellcasters have found thet there spells have no efect. Well most of them. They seem to still be able to channel divine energy.

There is a ship leaving port this spring, will you be onboard.

An adventurer is building a fleat to harvest some gold mines, and trade with the few settlements there for some herbs and ore. he has gathers few shadow guiders, as well as an army of skilled sailers.

for workers he has mostly be able to harvers the local Dungeons. where the scumm of Taeghas and the suroundings dwell unwillingly as prisiners.


Facts about tha game.

I will use the material in the playtest. with aditional material from my own imagenation. But to start with Ill only have the Playtest.

Wery few Proviences have been settled. but it is reatively easy to create a provience. All you need are few willing hands, some slaves. and one little Rp.

The dificulty is the total numbers of Proviences already created in the surounding 50 mile radius

Im a weary por DM, with a horreble Englis skill. Well, its motly my spelling thow.

I will be open for taking aditional DM's in, open positions are, 'Land Battle DM', 'Ocean Battle DM', where only one of them (at a time) handles a battle involving both land and sea.

Then Im open for an Adventure DM, even several of them. Where an Adventure DM bids an adventure of his own doing, sensored by my. Or he has created an adventure in the feal of the 'New Dawn' what ever it will become.

An Adventure postet by an adventure DM sould have a dificulty rating.

Stating like: "This sould kill any party below 5th lv"

well, I even migth have some of the NPC's bid for adventures, where an Adventure DM is the DM and I, the DM will then only be a Player.

Adventures sould not give an "out of propotion rewards"

Anyone intrested, post me. my adress is karig@mmedia.is

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11-13-2003, 11:09 PM
This game will rule.

The fyrst thing thet greats your eyes as you see glips of land is this brigth ligth comming from a huge tower, guarding a natural harbor. This tower seems to be build by some titans, its almost solid rock. The ligth coming from the tower is like magical ligth. and it only ligths up the suroundings of the ship, like a spotligth. Now you sence a new smell in the air, smell of forenge Flora, what animals lie in thees new lands, what herbs can there be for cooking, Its all exsiting, well the thougth of seting foots on dry land afther more then 3 monts of travel. I will never go on a jurney this fare in a long time.

There are no older fantasys, thows thet we love so much from BR. Here will create a world of coruption and glory, of tranquilety and war, of stunning beuty and the pure horrors.

Every player will start at the tainted Bloodline of there own choosing, and be somewere around 1-5 level

BARBARIAN: not awailable yet

Must have at least 1/2 rank in a relitive knowledge skill about whatever he likse to take a bardic lore/knowledge about.

Thay retain there Bardic music ability, and everything thet gose with it.

but there spell list is emty. in this new land. In order to regain some spells, or even new spells, never before on a list of tha bart, not even in the D&D books, it can be done. :)

CLERIC: Go on, but remember you re barred from all your spells and dity (god). But you still have your "Turn or Rebuke Undead (Su)" And in combination with some nice items, it can be rather powerfull.

DRUID: Not awailable yet

FIGHTER: Must have been a part of a War-unit

MONK: Not awailable

no: spells or Special Mount !

no spells,

ROGUE: works fine :)

SORCERER: has his familiar, and do to his magical nature, he retains 1d4 spells of any level. (not every). This migth even grow when tuned in with the nature.
he migth even gain other spells then he used to have. Character must have at least one Rp in order to be able to cast his spells.

WIZARD: provided he has acsess to his spell books. He can still Create magic items, or scribe scrolls, But must spend Rp in adition to the Xp cost, Using this formula (Xp cost)/10 = (Rp cost)

No character starts with a Realm, or Holdings of any sort. But thay can be easely created and mataind.

There are storys of some simple items thet realy are true artifacts.


Pc can become a God, and fill the gap thet is there. Even before a Pc Becoms a god, he can grant people acsess to his own divine power. Templars, or Clerics of the King

I have reengeneerd the blood abilitys for this new game, but the old abilitys ate all awailable


11-14-2003, 12:12 PM
1) How long do you plan to keep this game?
(2) How do you plan to handle character evolution? At which rate do you expect the players to level up?
(3) How would the characters be created?

1) How long do you plan to keep this game?
I plan to run it this winter. then Ill evaluate, whether Ill keep it next sommer, or take a sommer vacation.

I would like to build the game in a fasion where even thow ill take a sommer vacation, it will still be able to go. I hope to have the diversity in Dm's So thet it will be possible.

On the rocks ansver with no hope: Till next sommer. :)
Sewwtend asver: For ever. :)

(2) How do you plan to handle character evolution? At which rate do you expect the players to level up?

I plan to have characters start at 1-5 level.

5 adventures would give one level, as long as you take challesing adventures.

I will be trowing in on the way some chanses to characters, even in the core sections.
Implementing Figthing style for all characters and so on. But Ill do it in a fasion where a
character made in the D20 system will have a easy convertion with few or little losses.

So go ahaid and create your 1-5 lv Characters.

Create a few, and explane the relationship betvine them. This is a new world, and you dont have anything exept what you carry with you. Enter the unknown.

(3) How would the characters be created?

Create them using the D20 then add a taste to them thet souts your Imagination. Ill Rule them down if I feel them overpowering. (or add some ECL Adjustments to it )

ECL adjustment means you need to take harder adventures to advance up level.

I will also count domain level adventures, like to be able to contest somons holding to the ground. or take him on in a brigth battle.

The land is free of the bonds of magic. But is wery magical. Wisards taking the land into there use and adventuring making spells awailable by normal means within some Realms, while other Realms dont have acsess to thet spell.

And there is room for plenty of gods. for there is none in this god forsaken lands. yet. :)

Create Temple holding, and you can have clerics using there power to fule there spells.

Here is the rule
spell level vs. holding level.
one Temple holding lv 5
able to create one 5th lv spell awilability
for a lay line network!


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