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The Jew
11-02-2003, 04:39 AM
Any ideas for new realm spells, their really are not enough. Here are two.

Teleportation Circle
level: Wiz/Sor 6
Target: special
Duration: 1 season/level
Requirements: source 3, special

The circle serves the same function as a road with regards to trade routes, army movement and personal travel. In order for a trade route to function through it, two circles would have to be created, one in either direction. The range of the cirlce is limited by the level of the source. A 5th level source gives a 5 province range. The recieving end needs access to a a source conrolled by the caster, either through a locally controlled source or a ley line, it need only be 0-level.

Regency cost: 10 regency for each province crossed.
Material component: 5 GB

The duration can be extended by additional castings. Additional casting stack, and cost 1/2 the regency and 1 GB.

Battle Shield
Level: Wiz/Sor 4
Target: 1 unit/2 levels
Duration: 1 week/level (D)
saving throw: None
Spell resistance: No
Requirements: Source (4)

This spell adds a +4 to the defence rating of the affected units.

Regency cost: 2 RP/Unit
Material Component: 1 GB/Unit

Note: The defence bonus does not stack with battle armour.

The Jew
11-02-2003, 06:54 PM
What type of bonus is being given for spells that modify units need to be added. This would allow for a greater variety of spells with more flavor.

Here are my suggestions for current spells:
All morale modifiers be morale based, unless possibly divine
battle armour and battle shield: a natural armour defence bonus.
battle bless: a morale bonus to all offensive ratings.
battle fury: a morale bonus to melee, a morale negative defence, a morale bonus to hits and an enhancement bonus to movement.

11-03-2003, 06:12 AM
Realm spells should mirror normal normal spells as closely as possible. Battle armor makes less sense, though because it's based on mage armor, which grants an armor bonus. Problem there...

As far as new realm spells, you can invent almost any unit-affecting versions of normal spells. Think of Shield of Faith granting a deflection bonus to entire units...or Haste for a single unit (L3 Realm Spell), or Mass Haste for multiple units (L6 Realm Spell, although they dropped it from 3.5).

The possibilities are pretty broad, at any rate.