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08-12-2003, 03:55 PM

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> Elrond wrote:

> Monks were absent from D&D 2nd edition and thus from Birthright setting. But third edition reintroduced them into play, so why not introduce monks in Birthright? Personally, I don’t like the powers that give this class an oriental flavour (principally ki strike and slow fall). A lot of their abilities are justified by ki energy. Suppose Cerilian monks could channel a different kind of energy… the residual divine energy of Deismaar. Discipline (and lawful alignment) could be the focus for non blooded characters to tap on these energies. Monks could thus develop divination powers (Vorynn’ heritage), martial arts (Haelyn’s heritage), and chose to be good, neutral or evil (Azrai’s heritage).What do you think about it?



Only if we also include the gnomish trickster with the half-dragon

template in the Birthright core rules ;-)