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Arch-Sorcerer Gargamel
12-29-2001, 10:14 AM
Well, since you guys asked for it, I'll begin my work now.

This timeline is going to be set 60 years (240 turns) from the time set in Ruins of Empire. I'm not in this alone, however, all of your feedback will shape this timeline.

Essentially, there is going to be 60 years of material for all of Cerilia and will include new 3E game material. What I would like from anyone whose willing to part with their opinion is to hear what changes you all would like to see. I can't fit everything and some people will have conflicting desires, but I'll handle this as fair and judiciously as neccesary. Mostly, I would like to gain a general direction for the campaign.

If possible, I would like to work with Raesene Andu, if he wants to set his Adurian expansion with this project.

The opinion of the masses will greatly influence this project, in any case. Now for the questions:

1. Would you like to see Anuire become more unified or more fractious?
2. Should the elves lose more ground, gain new ground, or both?
3. Should the elves lose more ground, gain new ground, or both?
4. Should any humanoid nations progress towards civilization?
5. What Awnshegh/Ershegh should still exist (besides the Gorgon) and should any have changed, disappeared, emerged, expanded, contracted, been replaced, etc?
6. Should Avanil and Boeruine still be stalemated?
7. What regents and organizations will still exist (many human characters will be dead)?
8. Who wants Masetians? (I like the Crown of Glory island of the masetians)
9. What about the Dragon Isles (or wherever the Basarji came from)?

I'll post polls and questions periodically to discern the will of the masses. I am henceforth devoted to this project in addition to anything else. :P

12-29-2001, 02:53 PM
I thought someone tried to start a PBeM like this once, never got off the ground.

I guess your first choice would have to be what happened big to change the present political landscape.

The Gorgon attacking is a common idea, but how about others. Maybe forces from Aduire move north, or a crusade from/to Khinasi. A new threat from some place else?

You could assign different areas to different writers to help move things forward, but keep a common theme. (Remember the now almost dead? Imperial City Project)

I really like what Ian is doing in Aduire, he has been working on it for as long as I can remember (I tried to DM a PBeM game set in it about 5 or 6 years ago.) Let him stay in this time, but also have a appendix for the expansion.

Lastly, move this thread over to the Birthright Expansions Catagory. It will be easier to post and such.

Just my two Eagles worth

Arch-Sorcerer Gargamel
12-29-2001, 08:13 PM
I'm a scrapper, this project will see fruition.

There'll probably be a couple of big events that will alter the landscape of all of cerilia. Some of the smaller ones are going to include the colonization of some small islands around the continent, which is already popular in pbems.

One big thing I've considered is that the Gorgon stay completely silent. If the Gorgon hasn't rampaged for 80 years, he's likely to invite investigation and impose a nervous caution upon all of his neighbors. Naturally, he wouldn't actually be actionless, just silent. His vassals would probably be loud as ever.

Another possibility is an influx of Masetians, possibly and invasion. Some states' culture would be altered by new Masetian influences.

A khinasi empire could rise and fall in that time, the plot could very well be the one that shapes the future most.

Just keep bouncing ideas off me, its good for me.

12-30-2001, 02:49 AM
The Gorgon – 8 years after the original boxed set the Gorgon raged forth reeking havoc on Anuire. His troops managed to conquer, Mhoried, the southern half of Alamie and Tournen, the northern half of Ghoere and were beginning to march on Avanil. The Gorgon would have succeeded if invaders from the north and internal rebellion among his own vassals. As the Gorgon neared the borders of Avanil, the Keirgard launched an attack on Kal-Saitharak. The Mur-Kalid dwarves aided by the dwarves of Baruk-Azhik liberated the dwarves halls of Mur-Kalids from the Gorgon`s control (the uniting of the once feuding dwarf clans led to further the dwarves prosperity and expansion in the coming years). Ironically in the midst of the Gorgon`s military campaign the largest army of men in centuries swept into Anuire from the north. Rjurik highlands swept through Dhoesone, the Giantdowns, and the Gorgon`s Crown. They attempted to enter Tauhievel, but were repelled. Cariele and most of Thurazor also fell at the hands of the Rjurik. Ironically, it was the Gorgon who saved Anuire from the Rjurik hordes. Halting his campaign for the City of Anuire the Gorgon had his troops march northward and engage the Rjurik. The two armies all but decimated each other over a year and a half of struggles.

Avanil - Following Avan`s death in a battle against the Gorgon`s hordes Avanil fell into to disarray. Taeghas and Brosengae both shook loose the from their vassalge. Diemed who had mustered troops to help fight the Gorgon instead took the opportunity to attack Avanil. Reduced to 5 of its northern provinces the great Avanil is a mere vapor of what it once was.

Boeruine - After the fall of Darian Avan during the repulsion of the Gorgon Aeric strode forth to crush the leaderless Avanil. En route a contingent of forces from Rhoubhe ambushed the armies of Boeruine. Leading his elite guards Rhoubhe pressed into Aeric`s unit. After slaying Aeric Rhoubhe`s troops immediately fell back, leaving the Boeruinians in chaos. Following the death of Aeric, and his oldest son the appointed heir, his children began to squabble for control. Eventually the realm was split between two children Boeruine.

Ilien – This realm has reaped its over promotion of free thought. It became a wasteland for thugs, and villains (a retched hive of scum and villainy…).

Endeir – following the attacks of the Gorgon, Kalien expanded his realm to Tour`s Hold, Maesford and Tireste. It has developed into an economic powerhouse unrivalled in Cerilia (all four provinces are 7+!). Unfortunately, none of the subsequent rulers was as ambitious or intelligent enough to gain any further ground. The realm`s income is being squandered on embezzlement and corruption.

Ghoere suffered great loses in troops during the Gorgon invasion. The subsequent rulers were lacking in wisdom and their leadership did little to unify and restore the realm. 4 years ago Gavin Tael`s granddaughter inherited the realm. She is a fanatical priestess that has united the realm in a strict theocracy.

Tuarhievel has spilt due to civil war. Half of the realm seeks to find peace and educate the humans and encourage them to respect the land while the other seeks to destroy the human race outright.

Ah well I`ve typed more than enough for now…

Arch-Sorcerer Gargamel
12-30-2001, 06:43 PM
I like it, I like it. Keep the suggestions coming. The more I get, the better it'll be.