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Riegan Swordwraith
12-20-2001, 08:48 AM
I am the adopted "nephew" of Liliene Swordwraith.I grew up with my "cousin" Geoff,the Queen's son.Geoff was the heir,and I was to be a liuetenant.I didn't like being a nobleman to begin with and most assuredly not the nephew of the Queen and cousin to the future King.I preferred to spend my time in the Erebannien,running with the scouts.Hard to learn courtly graces in the middle of thw wilds,yet Liliene made sure I did,much to my chagrin.Despite my efforts to be unteachable,I did learn the secrets of ruling,at least some of them.

The lessons came to be crucial for Liliene sent me to the Sielewode as a diplomat.She wanted me to negotiate a pact between her and the elves there to help protect the Erebannien.It was while I was there that my aunt died.I was able to come to an agreement and rushed back.My cousin had already been Invested by the time I arrived.

My cousin.although a good person,was eager to make Aerenwe into a power.My cousin's other fault was that he was not a doer.In other words,if it did not pertain to preparing his nation for what was ahead.So if there was a problem with bandits or some rampaging monster,he sent me to deal with it.Soon I became the one the people loved and respected.As more and more of Geoff's policies began to misfire,I spent more and more time having to deal with the aftermath.Finally under the pretense of helping William Moergen reclaim his throne,he invaded Oesorde.This proved disaterous,as William was not prepared and the campaign ended in disaster.In battle,an assassin's bolt mortally wounded my cousin.He died on the way back to Aerenwe,but not before making me his heir,and passing to me his power.

My first act was to negotiate peace with Oesorde,which was not too difficult as he could not waste time with me as Ghoere massed troops on his border.I also undone some of the things my cousin had done to restore morale.

I am the kind of man who hates his office,but is too devoted to his people to give it up.I hold my daily court in the courtyard outside,weather permitting.I hardly ever wear my "royal" rainments,preferring a well made suit of "adventurer's clothing".I am a man of the people,and more often than many say is safe,walk among them.I hold no ambitions towards the Iron Throne,all I care of is the nation of Aerenwe.In that though I am very pro-active.I prefer to keep problems for Aerenwe out of Aerenwe.For example,I did secretly aid William Moergan with funds and information.Also during my reign,I did make a counter-invasion of Roesone after Ghoere invaded while Baroness Roesone was fulfilling her obligations to Medeore and Illien when Diemed invaded.Through these acts I was able to help make the Anuirean South Coast very stable and netted many allies.

Lord Eldred
12-28-2001, 03:56 AM
I am from a family not heard of where I am ruling. I traveled south to settle in Roesone and found a job working for Lord Shaene helping him with his law holdings. From this small position, I built up trust among the different regents. I continued to aid Lord Shaene when the Baroness had to be committed because she had become insane. I watched as the self appointed King Aeric, the paladin who didn't act like one, became so expansion hungry that it done him in. I helped Lord Shaene and others pick up the pieces and since I was the most trusted among the Regents I was appointed High Councilor. By now I had build hope enough law holding and had taken control of a couple of the former kings provinces that I had become a powerful regent in my own right.

With my help we have expanded the United Province of Haelyn so that it covers Roesone, Ilien, Medoere and Oesorde. We have survived plague and many wars by the grace of Haelyn.

I am the type of regent that knows the law and is quick to quote it to preserve order. I recognize that my existence is only to further the wims of Haelyn and his church thus I have great respect for Abbess Allesandra, the church ruler.

Abbess Allessandra
01-02-2002, 03:15 AM
I play Allessandra, Abbess of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. The previous ruler of the church has sought retirement but not given up his title of Bishop. I am a voting member of the council of the UP of H.
She has not had an easy road understanding what she is to do with her life. Her destiny has been revealed to her and trying to make it happen is another story. She is very quick to defend what she believes in right in her heart and headstrong stubborn when defending Haelyn's beliefs. She has been instructed to guard and protect one of the council members by Haelyn himself. I have the type of stories you would tell by a fire and send you off to dream about adventure. I really enjoy playing her it is truly a challenge.

Arlen Blaede
01-28-2002, 04:53 PM
I am a man who does not know from whence he came. The only relic I have of my family is a signet ring that was on a necklace around my neck. It provides no clue as to my heritage as its great age has worn away almost all marks of the rings casting. I was raised in the Giant Downs by the Watch. Their leader found me as a child wandering through the woods. I grew up under their training where I was taught how to survive in these lands that are preyed on by the undead. Upon my 18th birthday I was prepared to take the Oath of the Watch when I felt a calling in my heart. I did not understand it but I knew I could not swear the Oaths. I felt that I was being constrained, that I had an oath even more powerful holding my tongue.

So, instead of staying with a group that I could not be a part of I began wandering the Giant downs. My skills as a fighter were honed in the struggle to survive, but I managed to gain several companions in my journeys. A cleric whose Goddess of Fortune smiles on, and a man who has demonstrated his access to true magic. They have become powerful friends and allies in my quest. A quest I have come to realize will not be completed till the Giant Downs are cleansed of this blight.

To achieve these aims I have become regent of the province of Myddjarna. The units of the Watch in my province have come into my holdings while the others remain independent until such time as I am able to support them. My friends have begun setting up their own holdings, and I have gained the services of an able lieutenant. A goblin merchant who has been adept at gathering the needed resources to open Myddjarna for trade. I have even been approached by a small clan of Dwarves who have made their home in the Silverhead Mountains. We have talked so far of becoming allies and I hope to bring this to fruition.

I am a regent in a land filled with people who do not neccessarily want to have a regent, but have seen that in order to make these lands safe for their families we need to unite. I am always armed as a symbol that we may at any time need to take up arms in defense. My dress is not royal, my manners not refined, but I have a responsibiliy to address the issues of my people. I am slowly and painfully learning the arts of leadership. I am not sure I want this job, but I don't think anyone else would take it. So here I am.