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04-25-2003, 07:30 PM
With the changing of taxation and holding income from a variable amount to a set rate based on holding level, the divine realm spell Bless Land needs some reworking to be a viable spell again.

Under the 2E rules the increase in province level would increase both the landed regent and the priests income directly. Guilds might have seen an increase if the province level increased to a new section on the table on p.43 of the old rulebook, and trade routes would be more valuable as they were based off the level of the privinced. This made the casting of the spell desirable and most regents would help pay the cost of the spell.

Under the new rules of income for holding level (including trade route) the priest will lose money on each casting. The landed regent gets 1GB, and the increase of the temple holding gives back 2/3 GB and 1 RP. Trade routes and guilders do not see an increase in income. Considering the spell will cost 1GB/RP (and only if they control ALL slots!) the priest will lose 1/3 GB and only break even on RP.

One way to make this spell work better would be to allow temple/and guild holdings to collect 1GB/lvl instead of 2/3 GB/lvl. This allows the temples/guilds to gain some additonal income. The only downside is that the landed regent only gets the 1 GB and trade routes are not increased.

An alternative method could be a set percentage increase to all income. This is something that will benifit law/temple/guild holders. This could also be applied to the income generated by trade routes.

Either of these methods give benifits to the province at large, which was the original intent of the spell under 2ed.

05-12-2003, 06:06 PM
I also have a question about the arcane realm spell "Warding."

In the core rule book it was a required source 5 and a character level 5.

In the BRCS it is listed as Wiz/Sor6.

I believe that means it now takes an arcane caster of 11th level to ward the realm.

What is the reason of drastically increasing the caster level? Or may this have been a typo?

05-13-2003, 12:50 AM
Bless Land - there's a flat GB cost associated with casting the spell, and it affects 1 province per 2 levels. For a higher-level caster, it brings increasing returns.

If you have the maximum temple holding level in each province, the spell is effectively free in terms of RP cost. If a 10th-level cleric casts this spells, he can affect five provinces, and gain a total of 3 1/3 GB (2 1/3 considering cost); the province ruler gets 5 GB and 5 RP.

Basically, the spell as it is now is good for a high-level caster, but pretty bad for a low-level one. Hmmm.