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Eosin the Red
03-31-2003, 11:16 AM
I need a point of clarification.

The "Master" feats (Master Administrator, Great Leader, Master Diplomat) site under benefits: "You receive a +2 bonus to domain level actions that recieve a potential synergy bonus for X."

Does this mean that Actions with the approp descriptor recieve a bonus or is there some list of synergy bonuses somewhere that I just don`t get?

i.e. does master administrator give you a +2 bonus to the domain actions - Ceremony, Contest Holding, Create Holding, Rule Holding, and Rule Province?

Second Question:
Page 103, first column.
Skill Modifers

The description indicates that the character recieves a bonus for "ranks," do you mean RANKS or do you mean 1/5 of skill value?

I would argue infavor of total skill value, it seems weird that a very talented general who has +4 from Stat, +4 from synergy, and +4 from feats with a total skill value of 21 would be disadvantaged by a opposing general who had +1 Stat, no synergy, no feat and a total value of 11.

In this case, the whimpy generals troops would receive a +2 and the buff generals troops would receive a +1? Why would an army function better when the opposing general can pick the time, place and condition of combat, at his leisure?

I see the point in keeping these values low - I COULD get a Warcraft score of 21 out of the 7th level Mhor, with no doubt that more optimised characters (fighters [Beourine], paladins [MOC/HA]) might even be able to crest a skill value of 25 or 30. Basically, I want to make sure that this was not a terminology error.


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03-31-2003, 02:10 PM
IMO feats like "Master Diplomat" should apply to all other diplomatic skill checks too, but I haven't created the rules...