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03-16-2003, 09:23 AM
I am just beginning to read the BR d20 Rulebook. As I read it, I notice typos, bad grammar, format problems etc. This is only natural and TOTALLY acceptable as the d20 Rulebook is only a draft. However, before spending time on reporting them, I want to know if they have already been reported and fixed.

One way to minimize such update problems would be to release the d20 Rulebook much more often, like once a month. Is that at all possible? (Or does the d20 Rulebook somehow suffer from a manual long final formatting process that needs to be done over and over for each release?)

I think most of the BR fans of this site would like frequent releases. We simply can't wait to get the newest and most up-to-date stuff! ;-)

The same goes for the d20 Atlas of Cerilia. Please release it as soon as possible.

Like software, we could distinguish between major, minor and bugfix releases...

03-16-2003, 03:00 PM
I must say that it would be nice if we could get all the updates done in a timly manner. That would allow us to playtest and comment on the rules as they develope.

But as one of the people working on the Atlas, I must add that I am doing this for my love of Birthright. Which means when I have time away from real life I add some more to the project. I don't think any of us want to let so much time go between updates, but we do have famlies, jobs, lives...that we also want to keep updated.

Please give us time to make a book that you want to read and use in your campaign and we will do everything we can to get it done. If you have ideas or comments on different things than add them to the forum or mail them to one of the creators and we will find a way to address them.

Just my two Crowns...

03-16-2003, 03:45 PM

It was not my intent to complain about development speed. I am sure that you guys do everything you can and are willing to. And for that I am grateful.

What I am talking about, though, is methodology. I'm saying that frequent releases are a good thing, even if one release doesn't contain much since the previous release.

To make myself more clear, I have listed some of the advantages below:

(1) Everybody always have the newest material.
(2) Everybody can make comments, and report typos etc., based on the newest material.
(3) Everybody know how work is progressing.

However, frequent releases does require an efficient release process, and as I have no knowledge of the material aggregation and formatting tasks involved in building a new release, I have no idea if such an efficient release process is currently in place - or even possible.



03-16-2003, 08:32 PM
I know that Mark_Aurel was working on the revision that would contain the editorial corrections and I imagine he will have that ready soon. Probably just waiting for people to finishe reading the entire document - most seem to have stopped at chapter 5 or so. I haven't seen very many comments on the last 2 chapters. People seem to have picked and cossed the chapters with the most interest to them (character generation, blood abilities, domain actions and warfare) and focused on those leaving the rest for later.

As far as writing revisions for content - it is real hard to judge which way to go, which is why I started some polls (on chapter 2) to get an idea of which way to proceed next. There have been less than 30 responses (i.e., votes) for each poll so far and IMO that is way below a representative sample size. We will probalby end up using whatever we get from people bothering to vote as the basis - heck the voter turnout for elections in the US is less than 30% on average, so what can be expected. Even so it was my desire to leave the polls open for around 2 weeks in order to give people a chance to cast their ballot.

There are numerous ideas (on every subject) being posted but only a handful could reasonable be persued for this project. It is incumbant on the developing group to find a way to determine which of the proposals/ideas should be persued.:)

Eosin the Red
03-16-2003, 11:00 PM
>>>>> There have been less than 30 responses (i.e., votes) for each poll so far and IMO that is way below a representative sample size.

I know that there is a sizable % of people like me who use e-mail and not the boards. We don`t see these polls? If we do, I do not recognize them as such.


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Raesene Andu
03-17-2003, 08:19 AM
Yes, it is always good to remember that most of us working on this project have jobs, uni, etc and can't spend as much time as we would like editing, or writing new material. Personally, I would get a maximum of about 12-15 hours a week to write, and that includes the time I spend online answering questions on this forum.

Now in response to you queries. An updated version of the rulebook is currently being compiled and should be available shortly.

The Atlas will be available as it is completed. I don't have a current date for when the first release (Anuire) will become available, except to say that it will be a minimum of 2-3 months at this stage. I'm hoping to release an early pre-release document that just contains the realm stats, income/expenditure, and military info for each realm, but I still have a fair amount of work to do on that, specifically the income/expenditure info and compiling the military info.

That's about all I can tell you at this stage, but I will let you know when the first release of the Atlas is nearing completion.