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12-15-2001, 06:35 AM
Does anyone have any creative ideas for using the Decreee action to generate income? I have a PC who is actually a little strapped for cash. He doesn't have a lot to be spending on actions to generate income (i.e. rule, diplomacy, create holdings, trade, routes, etc.), but hasn't got any good ideas for a Decree. I'm trying to help him out with this thread.... indirectly cheating for him :P without telling him what he should do.

Plus I'm just curious how players and Dms figure out ways to strech/cheat the system...

12-15-2001, 10:06 AM
I have the same problem...

I've always Dm'd, never played a Birthright campaign, and I have a thousand ideas! Too bad my stupid players never can think of one! ;)

How about a special church tax? Doesn't have to be a huge sum, but every penny helps. The regent could use a thousand excuses for the tax. A war is brewing? Tax the church, call it protection. Banditry in the land? What would the people say if the church refused to help the regent fight it?

The same applies to guilds. History reveals lots of smart things regents did to get their hands on the money of merchant and trade organisations. The Navigation Act and the Stamp Act to mention two. The official reason doesn't have to be too well thought out. After all, a regents word is law :P If he controls enough of it, that is....

As to taxation of the people, regents can do almost anything. The first that comes to mind is a special war tax in cases where the land is threatened with war. As with guilds, the official reason doesn't have to mean squat. "Chamberlain, inform the people that this season we will have a special turnip-tax! All people who are likely to eat turnips, must pay 1 silver each month! This to prevent the new turnip disease spreading in the northern lands and killing thousands!" What are the people supposed to do, refuse?

Of course, decreeing like this often can lead to interesting things happening :P

12-15-2001, 02:37 PM

1. its quite taboo to tax the churches. Its an unwritten law in my campaign that unless the church offers, you don't tax them FOR ANYTING. Unless you want serious problems.

2. He is already taxing the Trade Route's income (is guess some very of an Export/Import Tax). He currently doesn't have the Law holdings to do too much with the Law cliams, though this would help (XANDER, take notes)

3. He has recovered the realm as result of the death of the regent during war. The country has been plagued with war and the people's moral is in the toilet. Further taxation of the people may result in further losses in Loyalty or even revolt... which our British and French friends reaped with their nonsensical taxes... i.e. your proposed 'turnip tax' (see the Boston Tea party...)

12-15-2001, 04:35 PM
Take a look here:


I set this up for a pBeM I was in awhile ago. The DM was using the Guildsman COuncil (which controls all edicts concerning trade), so I knew that a simple decree to tax the trade routes wouldn't work. I had to find alternate methods of taxation without directly infringing on matters of trade. (Which the Guilders Council can VETO - see PS of Roesone).

Lord Eldred
12-16-2001, 02:22 AM

-Each person using the trade road between two provinces pays a gold piece.

-Each time a person enters or leaves the city, they must pay a gold piece.

-Any person that wishes to own a holding in my province must pay me 1 G.B. every three months.

-Each Bard must be licensed to practice their trade.

-Each bartender must hold a license.

-Each everything must hold a license.

12-16-2001, 03:54 AM
Maybe we should call you Tax Collecter Eldred instead of Lord Eldred... Long live the Sheriff of Notingham!

12-16-2001, 04:13 AM
Let Lord Eldred speak he speaks the truth. I like these ideas. Lawgiver consider them decreed. Long live Xander Archos of Coeranys.;)

12-16-2001, 04:15 AM
For those who haven't picked up on it Xander Archos of Coeranys is the said player of the original post.

Lord Eldred
12-28-2001, 03:03 AM
Lawgiver, I just read your original posts and realize if Xander does some of these things the people will go into revolt. The safest bet would be to tax those people with holdings within the province. Another safe bet would be to put a tax on adventure treasure. These folk can afford to give back to the province. Whatever you do Xander you should work on bringing up the loyalty of your province before you lose it to revolt.


The Tax Collector