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03-04-2003, 09:38 AM
1) In the Dragon description, there is a minor detail. You mention three names of known dragons. There is a 4th known name. Ulkarzid. He is mentioned in the Book of Priestcraft in the Haelyn's Rampart description

2) In the Gorgon (and the other Awnies) advancement should follow the character class, instead of (-). The Gorgon can theoretically gain levels and add them to his wizard or fighter class. Then again I get the feeling that he is more described as a monster, rather than as a character and that is IMHO a mistake on the team's part, since he is a character with the Awnie template and not a monster through and through...

3) The Ghoul is a nice character. I am not sure if it was DM developed or in some book I don't own, but, I suggest changing the name, since the Ghoul brings in mind El-Sheighul, the Lost warlock leader of the Black Spear Tribes in Khinasi.

4) I suggest that for all the Awnies, you rewrite them as NPC characters with their names and the Awnie template. I don't really like the current format...

5) Is the Ogre, the same character from the Legends of the hero Kings, called Droene the Ogre? If yes, then the above comment also would apply to him

6) Add a Hydrakin template, if you have time and want to. It is a nice idea :) Since you've added the Caracdir as a monster, it would be nice to make a template for the non-standard children of the Hydra.