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Raesene Andu
02-11-2003, 08:53 PM
As the d20 Birthright Rulebook is now available, it is now time to announce the second project to be released by birthright.net, the d20 Atlas of Cerila. This new project aims to collate information from the various sourcebook, player's secret books, and adventures into a single product as well as expand and improve on the original material. We hope that it will become an invaluable reference for both new Birthright players and for those of you who have been here since the beginning.

Note: draft cover only

Below is a brief FAQ that explains what this project will contain, how you can help out, etc.

With most of the orginal development team busy fine turning the rulebook based on your comments, we are looking for approximately 10 new writers to assist in the creation of the Atlas of Cerilia. If you are interested in writing for this project, then please e-mail me directly at hoss@chariot.net.au.

See the outline below for a rough overview of what will be included in this project and make sure you inform me which section or chapter you wish to write for. Also include any ideas that you might have for material to be included in the Atlas. Anyone interested in submitting artwork, cartography, etc, is also welcome to e-mail me if they wish to assist in this project.

1. To present the Birthright world to newcomers to the setting and hopefully attract new interest in Birthright.
2. To collate all previously released source material into a single product for ease of reading.
3. To expand on previously released source material (e.g. expanded descriptions for important realms such as Diemed and Aerenwe).
4. To correct mistakes made in previously released source material (please contact me if you have any pet peeves that you think need to be cleared up in this new product).
5. To expand on the d20 Birthright rulebook with new, setting-specific rules material. (Prestige classes, etc).

Unlike the rulebook, where it was necessary to wait until the entire project was complete before it was released, the Atlas of Cerilia will be released in stages, with each release looking at a single cultural/racial region. As a rough guide the release schedule will follow something like this.
1. Anuire
2. Elven/Dwarven
3. Khinasi
4. Awnsheghlien
5. Rjurik
6. Goblin/Orog
7. Brecht
8. Halfling/Monster/unclaimed
9. Vos
As each new cultural/racial region is released, the Atlas will be expanded to include the culture and history of the new region/race as well any prestige classes that apply to that culture or race. I cannot give you an exact date for the first release at this time, but a progress report will be released as soon as a possible estimate of the first release date can be determined.

The following list shows each of the chapter/sections, along with a rough overview of what is included. If you are interested in writing for this project, make sure you let me know which chapter or section you wish to write for when you e-mail me.

Note: This is only a draft outline and may undergo significant changes before the release of the Atlas.


Chapter 1: History of Cerilia
A complete look at the history of the continent, include an individual history for each race/culture.
- Timeline of Historical Events
- History of Cerilia (up until Deismaar)
- Individual Histories for each race/culture.

Chapter 2: Life in Cerilia
A look at the land and people that live on the continent. This chapter will be divided into two parts.
- The Land (similar to old Atlas of Cerilia, although expanded somewhat)
- The People (looks at the individual cultures of the continent).

Chapter 3: Geography of Cerilia
An alphabetical look at all the nations and realms of Cerilia. This chapter will be an expanded look at each of the major realms in turn, featuring their histroy, major locations and geographical features, as well at the standard material.

Chapter 4: Organisations of Cerilia
An alphabetical look at the major temples, guilds, and wizards of Cerilia. This chapter will also look at important mercenary companies, military orders, etc.

Appendix 1: Prestige Classes
Alphabetical listing of newly introduced Prestige Classes

Appendix 2: New Rules Material
Anything not included above

Appendix 3: Cerilian Provinces & Holdings
Stats for realms (COMPLETED)